Bike-n-Ride Program

Bike-n-Ride Program

  • Ever been stranded with no bike spaces on the bus?
  • Tired of lugging your bike on and off the bus everyday?
  • Ever tied a plastic bag to your seat to keep the snow off?
  • Want a secure place to leave your bike overnight for the next day?

Bus-Bike Shelters provide long-term, secure and weather-protected bicycle storage for commuters making connections to and from local or regional transit routes. Combine a bus trip and bike ride by using the shelter to complete the first or final mile of your commute! Your bike will be secure and sheltered from the snow and rain and you’ll no longer have to load your bike on and off the bus everyday!

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Boulder County is now signing up users for the Bus-Bike Shelters! Here are the five easy steps to gain access to one of the shelters.

  1. Fill out an application. The application requests information about your commute and how you plan to use the facility. Please complete the Bike-n-Ride Application.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions. All applicants must read and agree to the terms and conditions of use. The terms and conditions are found within the application and can be downloaded, Terms and Conditions.
  3. Make a donation. A one-time donation of $25 is greatly appreciated but not required. Donations help us keep the shelters clean and maintained. Please consider making a donation to Community Cycles.
  4. Receive your card and use It! Your card key access card will be mailed to you to use immediately.
  5. Help us! Share our Bus-Bike information flyer with your friends, fellow bicyclists and transit riders and encourage them to sign-up and use the shelters.

To report a problem with any of the shelters, contact Boulder County Transportation Department at 303-441-3900 or

Program Details

The goals of the Bus-Bike program are two-fold:

  1. Increase the ability for commuters to use regional transit by improving first and final mile links to and from bus stops.
  2. Decrease travel time delays on the regional transit associated with loading and unloading bikes.

Surveys indicate that many people do not take transit because the distance between where they would get off the bus and their final destination is too far to walk and/or not well served by connecting transit services. In fact, a survey of bus riders indicated that 50% of people who bring their own personal bikes on the bus do so because their “destination(s) is too far away from bus stop.” In addition, RTD service planners have indicated that the loading of bikes on and off the regional transit has led to buses getting behind schedule, especially during the peak travel periods.


Boulder County used several sources of information to determine where the best location to place the phase one bike shelters. This included RTD Ridership data, survey data, and input from, the Town of Superior, the City of Louisville, the City of Boulder, and the City of Longmont.


Alexandra Phillips
Bicycle Planner/Employee Transportation Coordinator
Boulder County Transportation

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