Bicycle Program

Bicycle Program

The Transportation Department implements Boulder County’s Bicycle Program with the goal of enabling safe and efficient bicycle travel throughout the county, recognizing that cycling is an activity enjoyed by people of different ages and ability levels.

Boulder County Bike Maps – On and off-roadBike Map 2019

Request bike maps for you or your company by contacting Alexandra Phillips.

Physical Infrastructure/ Bicycling Facilities

  • Developing on-street and off-street facilities and other infrastructure to enable bicycling throughout the county
  • The Transportation Master Plan describes Boulder County’s multimodal system and how it will be developed over the next 25 years

Bicycling & Transit

  • Bike-n-Ride Shelters provide long-term, secure and weather-protected bicycle storage for commuters making connections to and from local or regional transit routes. Combine a bus trip and bike ride by using the shelter to complete the first or final mile of your commute!
  • Bike parking at transit stops


Helping to make travel by bicycle easier and safer by sweeping shoulders on the most well-traveled bikeways, conducting snow removal on shared use paths, and conducting other maintenance activities on bicycle facilities.

Bike Counting Program

Counting the number of bicycle riders on different roadways and shared use paths to determine which routes are used the most by cyclists.

Share the Road

Community Partnerships

  • Supporting “Safe Routes to School” and other community initiatives to encourage bicycling and other healthy activities that begin early in life.
  • Working with groups throughout the county including Boulder County residents, state and local agencies, and bicycle organizations to promote cycling and to identify funding opportunities.
  • Engaging with the bicycle community and motorists to develop effective ways to “Share the Road

Bike to Work Day!

Colorado’s Bike to Work Day is the 4th Wednesday in June every year.

Bicycle Listserv Registration

Subscribe to the county’s bike email listserv to receive timely updates about cycling around Boulder County, including roadway closures and other restrictions.

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