Restructuring the LD

Restructuring the LD Bus Route

Why are some trips on the LD being discontinued?

For the past three years, Boulder County has used a federal grant to purchase extra RTD bus service along US 287 for the LD route, which provided more trips on weekdays (midday and evening) and on Saturdays; however, this county grant expires in 2019 and, despite the increases in service, ridership on the additional trips provided by the grant have not been high enough to meet RTD’s service standards. The grant ending combined with the grant-funded trips under-performing makes it unlikely that RTD will be able to continue providing the extra trips.

Next Steps

Later this year, we anticipate RTD will formally announce a service reduction on the LD route and begin the public process for this service change. In advance of RTD’s formal process, Boulder County, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, and Broomfield would like to gather public input on several different options for what the LD route could look like after the grant-funded trips end. Boulder County and other local governments on the US 287 corridor will provide public feedback to RTD staff for their consideration as they evaluate options for the LD. Based on all input, RTD staff will make a recommendation to the RTD Board who will then make the final decision on LD service.

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