Transportation Assistance

Transportation Assistance

Mobility For All

The goal of the Mobility for All (M4A) Program is to promote affordable multimodal (transit, bike, etc.) transportation options and to raise awareness that transportation is a basic social and economic need.

Affordable living (defined as spending no more than 15% of a household’s income on transportation and no more than 30% on housing) has increasingly become a challenge for many county residents. Despite transportation being one of the largest components of a low-income family’s budget, there are very few resources to help with transportation costs. Reducing the transportation cost burden is a critical step on the path to self-sufficiency and accessing health and human services.

Mobility for All provides multimodal transportation assistance through a variety of programs, fosters collaboration between transportation and human service organizations, and conducts public education and outreach on the importance of transportation options.

Needs Assessment & Action Plan

In 2015, the county undertook a needs assessment to understand transportation issues and opportunities in the area. An advisory committee was formed to guide the process, and the findings were communicated to the county’s Local Coordinating Council (see below). The report includes the following components:

  • A review of previous efforts examining transportation needs of vulnerable populations
  • An inventory of existing providers by service area
  • Community analysis and mapping
  • Examination of travel patterns
  • Community feedback
  • Inventory of spending
  • Analysis of unmet needs and opportunities
  • Strategies to meet needs

Mobility for All Needs Assessment & Action Plan

Boulder County Local Coordinating Council (LCC)

The LCC’s vision is to promote and provide accessible, affordable, and equitable transportation options for Boulder County through collaboration. The county established the LCC in 2012 as an alliance of community organizations, individuals and interest groups working together to achieve common goals regarding transportation services to people with mobility challenges, including seniors, low-income families, and people with disabilities.

LCC Monthly Meetings
2nd Monday of the Month
2 to 3:30 p.m.
Via Mobility Services – 2855 63rd Street in Boulder

LCC Contact – Angel Bond – email

Active, Affordable Transportation

Shared Mobility

  • eGo CarShare Pilot Project – Boulder County Housing Authority residents in Longmont and Longmont Housing Authority residents are eligible for discounts


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Angel L. Bond
Mobility for All Program Manager

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