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Mobility For All – Lotería


In 2015, Mobility for All conducted a needs assessment and action plan. There was a follow-up Spanish speaking focus group who identified the need for more transportation information and education in Spanish.

Latino Outreach Plan: Beyond Title VI – Intentional Outreach

In 2016, Mobility for All developed a comprehensive approach to conducting outreach to the Latino community. The plan identifies strategies to improve access to transportation options.

Lotería is a popular game originating in Mexico that is similar to BINGO but uses images instead of numbers. This project would develop communication strategies targeting Latino populations to improve access to available transportation resources and services in Boulder County.

It educates staff members from different companies and organizations about the divers transportation modes available to their clients. This project would also be expanded to create a Lotería educational game night for the public, held at public libraries and local businesses, to educate community members about their different transportation options.

Set up a Transportation 101 Class

If you would like to set up a Transportation 101 Class for your staff or learn more about organizing a Lotería night at your work, contact us at

Mobility for All - Loteria - Autobus

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