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Trip Tracking Tools

  • Trip Tracking happens at home using any method you prefer.
  • It helps to have a system to track daily trips before reporting during the designated time each month.
  • We recommend using the tracking calendars (available below), but you can come up with your own method too.
  • The red boxes on the tracking calendar (available below) match the reporting log you fill out online each month during the designated reporting period, which are shown below.

Tracking Calendar Tips

  • Print the calendar and put it somewhere you will see it every day.
  • Add up your monthly total “Green” trips before reporting online, early each month.
  • Only turn in paper at the end of each month if don’t have access to a computer or email. We prefer that you report trips online. Your calendar may be returned home if you can report online.
  • Please recycle printed calendars.

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