Level 2 Fire Restrictions in effect for western areas of Boulder County. No fireworks, fires, open flame, or shooting (see map and flyer).

Many County services are being offered online. Additionally, a variety of resources are available for those impacted by COVID-19.

Trip Tracker Tracks

Trip Tracker Tracks eNewsletter

After registering for Trip Tracker, you’ll start receiving the monthly Trip Tracker Tracks eNewsletter that’s used to provide program information to participants and their families. Month information includes:

Trip Tracker Tracks eNewsletter logo

  • Monthly reporting reminders
  • Tracker Buck distribution details
  • Updated Trip Tracker participating business information
  • A whole lot more!

The adult’s email used to register will receive the monthly eNewsletter. If you register and aren’t receiving Trip Tracker Tracks, check your junk/spam email folder. They’ve been known to end up in there. Make sure you move it to your inbox, so they end up there in the future.

2019/2020 School Year Issues

If you’d like to see issues from previous school years, please contact the Trip Tracker Administrator using the information below.

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