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DRCOG Subregional Transportation Improvement Program

DRCOG's Subregional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Boulder County / DRCOG TIP Sub-Regional Forum – Policy Advisory Committee Meeting – August 14, 2020, 3-4:30 p.m.

The purpose of the Boulder County DRCOG Subregional Forum Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting on August 14 is to review and discuss the proposed list of countywide projects to consider submitting to DRCOG as part of the 2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan update process. PAC members include DRCOG board representatives from each of the Boulder County communities as well as transportation staff from each jurisdiction.

Join the virtual public meeting using Microsoft Teams

Optionally, you may call in at 720-400-7859. Conference ID: 894 772 353#

View the DRCOG TIP Sub-Regional PAC meeting agenda, August 14, 2020

1) Welcome and introductions – Elise Jones, Boulder County Commissioner (10 minutes)
2) Public Comment (5 minutes)
3) DRCOG 2050 MVRTP Update:
a. Process Overview & Timeline – Jacob Riger, DRCOG (15 minutes)
b. Update from RTD regarding relationship of DRCOG 2050 MVRTP process with Reimagine RTD – Chris Quinn, RTD (5 minutes)
c. Review/Refine list of candidate projects to submit to DRCOG 2050 MVRTP process – All (50 minutes)
i. Finalize list of candidate projects to submit to DRCOG by August 19
ii. Confirm which local agencies are submitting which project templates
iii. Review deadlines and next steps
4) Wrap-Up & Next Steps – Kathleen Bracke, Boulder County (5 minutes)
a. Submit subregional forum’s list of projects to DRCOG by August 19, including project templates from local communities.
b. Discuss schedule and topics for future TAC/PAC meetings – 2020+
i. September TAC & PAC meetings: Discuss COVID-19 related TIP modifications
5) Adjourn

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The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the process in which federal transportation funds are distributed to local governments, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and Regional Transportation District (RTD) through a competitive grant application process. This process is managed by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG). They ensure that all of the many federal requirements of the funding allocation are met. The DRCOG Board is composed of one elected official from every municipality and every county in the eight-county Denver metropolitan area.

Regional and Subregional TIP

In previous years, the TIP consisted of one regional competitive grant application for all of the federal funding. This year, the DRCOG Board voted to split the process into regional and subregional processes. Twenty percent of the total federal funding was allocated to the regional process and 80% was allocated to the subregional process. The subregional funding was split among the eight subregions through a formula based on population and jobs. The Boulder County subregion receives 9.96% of the total subregional funding.

Boulder County Forum

The Forum is made up of one elected official from each of the nine incorporated towns/cities and Boulder County, and decides how Boulder County’s subregional funding will be allocated to projects within Boulder County. These are the elected officials that also sit on the larger DRCOG Board. In December 2018, the Boulder County Forum adopted criteria that will be used to score all of the projects that are submitted to compete for subregional funding.

The Decision-Making Process

Applications for the subregional TIP process are due to DRCOG by Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019. In March, the project applications will be scored and ranked based on criteria adopted by the Forum in December 2018. There are two parts to the criteria. First is the DRCOG adopted TIP Policy. The second are the “Additional Scoring Criteria” that the Forum adopted to provide additional guidance on ranking projects, which includes:

  • Small Communities
  • Regional Connections
  • Multimodal
  • Safety
  • Affordable Living

At a meeting in April 2019, the Forum will vote on the final package of projects that will be funded.

Boulder County Projects

Boulder County and Boulder County municipalities have submitted a total of 24 projects to be scored and ranked. All projects are available below:

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