Morton Heights Concrete Improvements and Safe Routes to School Project

Morton Heights Concrete and Safe Routes to School Project

Proposed Improvements

Temporary Two-Way Cycle Track

An asphalt cycle track was installed in the fall of 2017 as a temporary measure to improve the safety to children and parents that walk or ride their bikes to Niwot Elementary School. See photo below. We have received positive feedback from the installation and use of the cycle track and have decided to make it a permanent feature in the 2019 sidewalk improvements project. Designs are shown below. This work will not take place until the summer of 2019.

Niwot Elementary temporary cycle track

Permanent cycle track at Niwot Elementary

New Eight-Foot Wide Multi-Use Concrete Path

The existing sidewalk that runs along Walker Avenue will be replaced with an 8-foot wide concrete multi-use path attached to a concrete curb and gutter. See design image below.

Walker Avenue multi-use path design in Niwot

Drainage Improvements

The area around the outside of Niwot Elementary School, along with Walker Avenue and the western end of Morton Road, will receive storm drainage improvements. Storm inlets, pipes, and manholes will be installed to contain the stormwater runoff. Additionally, the storm system will be fitted with a device that is designed to prevent trash or floating debris from entering the Boulder White Rock Ditch, which will help prevent pollution and provide cleaner waterways. Designs are shown below.

Morton Heights drainage plansRaised Crosswalk

A raised crosswalk, also known as a “speed table,” will be installed at the main Niwot Elementary school entrance/exit point on Morton Road. The crosswalk will connect the two-way cycle track and will be 3-inches higher than the surrounding pavement. The raised crosswalk will span the entire width of Morton Road. Example image shown below.

Speed table example

Marathon Road New Six-Foot Wide Concrete Sidewalk

A new 6-foot wide sidewalk will be installed on the north side of Marathon Road from Walker Road to the rear school access. This new sidewalk will provide easy access to the south entrance of Niwot Elementary School. See designs below.

Marathon sidewalk design in NiwotPrevious Meetings

  • May 16, 2018 – Transportation staff presented updated plans on the proposed improvements shown in the images above.
  • June 8, 2017 – Boulder County Transportation present plans (available below) for installing new and replacement sidewalks, curbs, and ramps in Morton Heights to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to the elementary school. Most of the planned improvements will take place on Walker Road and Morton Road.

Future Projects in the Area

In addition to the sidewalk and drainage improvements listed above, we are also studying some future trail connections in the immediate area:

  • Morton Road/Paiute Avenue – A proposed crusher fines trail connection would tie Morton Heights to the existing Niwot Hills Trail.
  • Commanche Road/Paiute Avenue – A proposed crusher fines trail connection would also tie Morton Heights to the existing Niwot Hills Trail.
  • Monte Vista Avenue/Cove HOA – A proposed trail connection would begin at the eastern end of Monte Vista Avenue and connect to the existing pedestrian easement located within the Cove PUD.
  • Monte Vista Avenue/Longview Drive – A proposed trail connection would run along the northern edge of Monte Vista Avenue, beginning on the west end at Longview Drive and connecting to the existing sidewalk within the Longview Ranches Subdivision.

A map of these proposed future improvements is shown below.

Proposed future improvements for Morton HeightsProvide Input & Ask Questions

If you have feedback or a question, please contact Dave Webster via email or call 303-441-3900

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