Countywide Transportation Sales Tax Projects

Countywide Transportation Sales Tax Projects

In 2007, Boulder County voters passed a countywide ballot issue to extend an existing one-tenth-of-one-percent sales tax from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2025. The Countywide Transportation Sales Tax funds a specific list of 44 projects that includes:

  • 10 roadway improvements
  • 13 road shoulder projects
  • 6 transit projects
  • 1 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program
  • 5 pedestrian improvements
  • 9 countywide regional sales projects.

The 2007 Ballot Issue lists five categories of projects in order to provide taxpayers with a wide range of improvements geographically and by type. Fifteen percent of the funds are fiscally separated out for use on Regional Trail connections. Another fifteen percent were allocated to projects and programs that helped the regional transit and travel demand management (TDM) for county residents. The remainder of funding was distributed to road and shoulder improvements and pedestrian access and safety projects.

2020 marks the 11th year of the 15-year Countywide Sales Tax approved by voters in November 2007. The table below identifies current countywide Transportation Sales Tax projects planned for construction over the next three years. A full implementation schedule for all projects is available here. Projects are listed by anticipated year of implementation based on the best available information. Ongoing transit projects are listed separately at the bottom of the table. These projects use Countywide Sales Tax to increase frequencies on existing regional routes.

The April 2017 Countywide Transportation Sales Tax Update includes:

  • An overview of the program
  • An analysis of milestones
  • Recommendations for the remainder of the program

Maps of Projects:

2020 Transportation Sales Tax Projects
CO 42 Pedestrian Underpass – City of Louisville 2020 Completed
CO 42/Short Street Intersection – City of Louisville 2020 Completed
LOBO Trail – Williams Fork Connection (Twin Lakes to Spine Road) 2020 Completed
East County Line Road/Weld County Road 1 Master Plan (Erie to Longmont) 2021 In Process
RTD Rail-Trail Master Plan (Boulder to Erie) 2021 In Process
2021 Transportation Sales Tax Projects
South Boulder Road Widening – Mallory Street to 120th Street – City of Lafayette 2021 In Construction
71st Street Shoulders – Lookout Road to Winchester Circle 2021 In Construction
US 287/Isabelle Road Intersection Safety Improvements 2021 In Construction
Sugarloaf Road Climbing Lane – CO119/Boulder Canyon to top of Hill 2021 Design Complete
CO 7 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)/Corridor Design TBD In Design
US 287 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)/Corridor Study TBD In Process
2022-2024 Transportation Sales Tax Projects
71st Street Shoulders – Winchester Circle to CO 52 2022 Design Complete
LOBO Trail – Four Mile Railroad Underpass 2022 Design Complete
East County Line Road Shoulders – CO119 to St. Vrain Creek (City of Longmont) 2023 In Design
LOBO Trail – Jay Road Connection – Cottonwood Trail to Spine Road 2023 In Design
St. Vrain Greenway Trail – Airport Road to Pella Crossing 2023 In Design
120th Street Shoulders – Lafayette to Dillon Road 2024 In Design
95th Street Reconstruction – Boulder Creek to Lookout Road 2024 In Design
Olde Stage Road Climbing Lane – Lee Hill Drive to Top of Hill 2024 Design Complete
Isabelle Road Shoulders – 95th Street to US 287 2024 In Design

Ongoing Projects

BOLT Transit along Diagonal Highway 2004 in operation
JUMP Transit to Erie 2008 in operation
“Y” Transit from Boulder to Lyons 2009 in operation
“FLEX” Transit – Ft. Collins to Boulder 2016 in operation
“L” Transit from Longmont to US 36 2017 In operation


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