Subdivision Paving

Subdivision Paving

The Issue

Boulder County has been working with unincorporated subdivision residents since 2009 to find a solution for fixing deteriorating subdivision roads.

County Commissioners respond to Dec. 19, 2016 Colorado Supreme Court’s Decision not to Hear Appeal of Road Case (Subdivision Paving Lawsuit)


Boulder County Transportation continues to maintain local subdivision roads depending on the condition and “fixability” of each road. This sort of maintenance work includes pothole patching and minor resurfacing.

It is the responsibility of area property owners to complete major resurfacing projects (or find a funding mechanism to contract the work), including repaving, for these local subdivision roads. Current county policy states that rehabilitation or reconstruction of unincorporated local subdivision roads, including paving, is the responsibility of the property owners who use the road to access their property.

Subdivision Paving Projects & Incentive Fund

The Boulder County Commissioners continue to fund the repaving of community use roads (i.e., those that connect public places or major roads) within unincorporated county subdivisions. Since these roads, which make up about 20% of all subdivisions roads, provide access to community uses, the county has agreed to repave them on an ongoing, annual basis. The amount allocated for this purpose equals about $1 million each year. While each year must be evaluated for available funding, it is the commissioners’ intention to ensure that all community-use roads are repaved within the next 10-15 years.

Also, Boulder County has established an incentive fund for providing financial assistance to those subdivisions that wish to repair their neighborhood roads. Please let us know if you and your neighbors would like to learn more about the incentive fund and we will put you in contact with the appropriate staff members.

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