Justice System Volunteers

Justice System Volunteer Program

The Boulder County Justice System has one of the oldest and most highly regarded volunteer programs in the United States. Founded in 1961 by Judge Horace B. Holmes, the Justice System Volunteer Program (JSVP) at that time consisted of a small group of community volunteer mentors for youth on probation. Over the years, the program grew to about fifteen different volunteer positions in Probation and the Courts.

In 1981, the program was expanded to include all county justice system agencies: Community Justice Services, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Sheriff’s Office.

We recruit and place volunteers and interns in over twenty different volunteer positions for the county agencies above. Volunteers play a vital role in enhancing services to crime victims and juvenile and adult offenders. Our volunteer partners are essential in helping us maintain an open and responsive criminal justice system. JSVP plans and administers program development, provides orientation for new volunteers as well as providing staff technical assistance and training in volunteer resources management. The program also works closely with other county departments and community groups to expand volunteer initiatives.

What Do Volunteers Do?

There are 70-75 volunteers working at the Justice Center today. Volunteers range in age from college students to retirees. We have opportunities for undergraduate interns and law school students to gain practical experience and explore career options, as well as challenging ways for community volunteers to become involved in local government.

Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved:

Provide support and information to crime victims
Be a mentor to high-risk youth who need extra attention
Work with an adult defendant
Help people with consumer fraud complaints
Teach ESL, GED and life skills classes to jail inmates
Gain valuable experience as a law clerk for a deputy D.A. or participate in our Restorative Justice Circles for adult offenders.JSVP volunteers and interns may be placed in Boulder or in the Longmont sites for the D.A.’s Office and Community Justice Services. Click on Criminal Justice & Public Safety to see what is currently available, call 303-441-3718, or email meldred@bouldercounty.org.

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