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Volunteer Opportunity

Circle Ally

Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Community Services
Category: Human Services and Public Health
Time Commitment & Minimum Age: 4-10 Hours for Two Meetings a months for 18 Months. Must be at least 25 to apply.


Program Summary:

The Circles Campaign is a transformational approach that partners community leaders, agencies, business leaders, and community members with families in need. Please visit our website for more information about the and email for a complete Ally job description

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Build an intentional friendship that is friendly, safe, and supportive with a family in poverty (Circle Leader family) and join them in their quest to increase their resources.
• Be willing to look at your own hidden rules and how they affect your relationships with people from different economic backgrounds.
• Use the experience of friendship with a family in poverty to advocate within the community for changes in the systems barriers that keep poverty in place

Qualifications and Requirements:

Committed to ending poverty in our lifetime and attend two free trainings

Training Dates and Information:

Trainings are held quarterly. Check with Marnita for the next available training.


Marnita Rodriguez:
Phone: 303-441-1503

Application Process:

Click here to apply. Or, contact Marnita Rodriguez for questions about the Ally application.