Volunteer Opportunity

Data Entry, Research and Analysis – Recidivism Study

Application or Registration Deadline: 03/02/2018
Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Community Services
Category: Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Time Commitment or Project Date: 8-20 hrs per week, negotiable

Community Justice Services office – Boulder County Justice Center

6th and Canyon Blvd., Boulder (free parking available)

Program Summary:
Boulder County Community Justice Services (CJS) provides humane and constructive community-based interventions, education, alternatives to incarceration, and reparation to the community for criminal behavior. Our commitment is to assist individuals in functioning lawfully and constructively in the community while ensuring public safety.

The Research & Planning staff are involved in cutting edge studies of local cj case data.  You would be part of that ongoing research to better understand the impact of risk assessment, pretrial strategies and court date reminders through gathering and maintaining accurate data on pretrial outcomes for defendants released from custody. 

There will be a general orientation to the Justice System, an introduction to current pretrial reform efforts, and exposure to best practices in the field. An overview and orientation to CJS Pretrial Services will be provided and there will be training on individual database computer programs necessary to the position. 

If you are interested in earning graduate or college credit for this work, depending on the requirements of your course, we are flexible about assisting with your final reports/summary/project.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsibilities: Once trained on how to use specific databases, the volunteer will meticulously and accurately research hundreds of confidential pretrial case documents in multiple databases from 2015 to recently closed cases to determine outcomes such as court appearance and recidivism rates. Critically important data entry involved. Compile demographics, case information and outcomes in Excel spreadsheets and once data are gathered, create summary tables and graphs.

Qualifications and Requirements:


You love data!!! Ability to learn quickly and work independently once trained. Confidence using Excel spreadsheets including graphs and tables is required. Attention to detail and ability to do repetitive computer research.

Interest in progressive criminal justice policies, current research on recidivism is a plus. Accuracy in verifying closed cases is critical for outcome reliability.

Requirements: 3-6 month commitment (or earlier if the case files are completed). Must be 21 years or older. Must agree to and be able to pass a criminal background check and be fingerprinted. Must sign a Confidentiality Agreement. The research is conducted in a secure facility. This is not a virtual volunteer opportunity.

No one will be considered who has relatives or close friends who are currently in the Boulder County criminal justice system. No one with a DUI/DWAI/MIP within the past 5 years may be considered.

Training Dates and Information:

Individual training provided.

One volunteer needed.


Email: jsvp@bouldercounty.org or call Mary Eldred, JSVP Coordinator at 303-441-3718 to express interest and receive online application instructions.

Application Process:

Contact JSVP@bouldercounty.org expressing interest. You may also call Mary Eldred, Justice System Volunteer Program Coordinator, at 303-441-3718. Application instructions and online link will be sent via email.

After all application documents are received, an initial screening interview will take place, usually followed by a formal interview with Research & Planning staff. If accepted, the volunteer will receive one-on-one training and weekly review of completed work.