Volunteer Opportunity

INTERN: Assessment Team – IMPACT Partnership Assessor

Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Housing and Human Services
Category: Human Services and Public Health
Time Commitment & Minimum Age: MSW student wanted for 10-20 hours/week. Must be 21 years of age or older. Days may vary, but required meetings held on Monday and Thursdays from 9-1. Work day is 8:30 – 4:30. Looking for semester or longer commitment.

3460 Broadway, Boulder, CO. Would also be working from 515 Coffman, Longmont, CO location

Program Summary:

Boulder County IMPACT is a partnership of 11 non-profit and government agencies serving the needs of youth and families who are involved with juvenile justice, child welfare and/or mental health agencies. Since 1997, IMPACT has been keeping youth safely in the community through exemplary, award-winning collaboration. Our mission is to create positive, lasting outcomes for at-risk children, youth, and families in Boulder County by combining the resources and strengths of public and non-profit agencies in a seamless, deeply collaborative partnership. IMPACT is working to administer valid, upfront assessments for all youth in need of IMPACT services. These assessments provide both immediate and ongoing data-driven case-planning information for caseworkers, treatment teams and youth and families, and assist in linking families to evidence-based therapeutic and support services.

Duties and Responsibilities:

To administer and present the results of risk/need and need/strength assessments with Boulder County Youth and their families – with a specific emphasis on the high acuity and truant population.

  • Complete extensive training on valid assessment tools and understand the value & purpose:
    • CANS – Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths
  • Conduct semi-structured/clinical interviews of youth, caregivers and professional collaterals
  • Administer assessments to youth involved in at least two Boulder County agencies or the truancy process.
  • Attend delinquency and/or truancy court for exposure and education of juvenile justice process.
  • Present results of assessment to multi-agency staffing team meetings to assist group in service matching and case planning based on need/risk.
  • Participate in Assessment and Case Formulation Community of Practice – attend meetings and ongoing trainings with other assessors, as well as 1:1 coaching & supervision around administration and presentation of assessment information.
Qualifications and Requirements:

MSW student required with some client experience. Valid driver’s license and transportation to travel between sites and agency meetings. Computer literacy and knowledge of power point preferred.

Other qualities needed:

  • Clinical Interviewing skills – the ability to speak with and build rapport with youth who are in difficult situations
  • Presentation skills – Public speaking at multi-system review team meetings is required, with professionals and client present. Ability to articulate complex clinical cases in a family friendly manner.
  • Ability to synthesize material from all perspectives into one coherent case formulation
  • Neutrality/self-awareness
Training Dates and Information:

10 hour initial online training as well as ongoing group training on how to administer tools, interview and score. 1:1 supervision and coaching provided throughout internship.

Additional Information:

This internship will provide a thorough training in the utilization of national assessment tools that are used across multiple agencies, and in multiple states. Through assessment interviews, the volunteer will have exposure to multiple agency personnel in various roles, increase their knowledge of family systems, build engagement skills and develop clinical interviewing skills. Assessments will increase volunteer’s ability to synthesize information from clients and collaterals as well as inform ongoing case planning and service/intervention matching. This increases the applicant’s case conceptualization skills, provides insight into effective case planning as the intern will see a case from its first interaction with the system through the match to the appropriate intervention. This position provides exposure to both clinical and administrative aspects of agency. The volunteer will receive supervision and coaching from other assessment team members as well as the Collaborative Assessment Coordinator.


Please contact Debbie Ramírez at dramirez@bouldercounty.org or 303-441-1430.

Unpaid Internship: This is an Unpaid Internship
Application Process:

Contact Volunteer Coordinator: Debbie Ramirez – 303-441-1430

Contact Angie Dreier, MSW with specific questions regarding position