Volunteer Opportunity

INTERN: Oral Culture Learner Food Safety Research

Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Category: Human Services and Public Health
Time Commitment or Project Date: May - August 2017; 120 hours

3450 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

Program Summary:

The Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) Food Safety Program currently licenses more than 1,700 food service establishments, including restaurants, food and espresso carts, coffee shops, and grocery stores. The goal of the program is to ensure safe food service in Boulder County by:
• Partnering with facilities to promote active managerial control.
• Conducting inspections.
• Providing training and outreach.
• Investigating complaints of foodborne illness.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Description of Work:
The BCPH Food Safety Program, which is housed in the Environmental Health Division Consumer Protection Program, is seeking one volunteer to conduct research related to oral culture learner (OCL) training in retail food facilities and develop materials to be used at the facility. BCPH is currently conducting OCL training and assessing effectiveness as measured through inspection scores and knowledge retention. The OCL training is based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) OCL project handouts and videos that were developed from studies that looked at communicating food safety concepts to oral culture learners. It is the program’s goal to correlate OCL trainings with how facilities perform on their regulatory inspections.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Develop educational materials with an oral culture approach.
• Conduct follow-up assessments on facilities and individuals receiving OCL training.
• Analyze collected data to determine the effectiveness of OCL training:
o Compare pre- and post-test results.
o Analyze follow-up data.
• Provide education and resources to retail food establishment OCL participants.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s degree in a science or health-related field and currently enrolled in a master’s-level public health program.

Experience: Experience in providing outreach and education, monitoring and evaluation, as well as a background in public health and food safety are desired.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to work in a responsible and professional manner.
• General computer and word processing skills (i.e. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products).
• Strong time management and organizational skills.
• Ability to work effectively as part of a team, as well as independently.
• Ability to be self-directed and motivated.
• Strong knowledge of behavior change models.

Special Requirements:
• Must submit immunization history form and immunization documentation. Some immunizations and/or tuberculosis (TB) tests may be required (at the expense of BCPH), and intern must comply with these requirements prior to start date.
• Reliable transportation that is readily available for business use and a valid driver’s license.

Training Dates and Information:

Training and Orientation:
• Initial training on OCL project will be provided by Food Safety Program staff.
• Field orientation for the volunteer to become familiar with retail food inspections will be provided in the field.

Supervision: The volunteer will be supervised by the Food Safety Program staff.

Additional Information:

Benefits Gained:
• Learning how tailored communication strategies affect knowledge retention and behavior change in retail food establishment setting.
• Learning about and gaining experience in implementing food safety rules and regulations.
• Learning how to develop positive working relationships with the food industry.
• Gaining valuable data extraction experience and report writing skills.


BCPH Volunteer/Intern Services Program
3450 Broadway
Boulder CO 80304
Phone: 303-441-1163

Application Process:

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