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Volunteer Opportunity

UNPAID INTERN: Pretrial Supervision Case Assistant – Longmont Community Justice Services

Application or Registration Deadline: 09/20/2019
Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Community Services
Time Commitment & Minimum Age: 20 hours per week - 9 month minimum

Longmont Courthouse

1035 Kimbark St.

Longmont, CO

There may be occasional work at the Boulder County Justice Center CJS office for Pretrial Supervision. The majority of the internship will be housed at the Longmont Courthouse.

Program Summary:

The pretrial Supervision Unit serves a social justice and community safety function for defendants arrested, but not yet tried for a crime. The purpose of the unit is to assess and provide subsequent supervision to prevent re-offense and assure appearance for the trial date, while having the defendant stay in their community under a presumption of innocence. The Courts order supervision as a condition of bond primarily for offenders who have alcohol/drug use, mental health problems, and/or domestic violence issues attached to their legal charges. Initial assessments are completed on offenders, focusing on social and legal history, current allegations, substance abuse and violence issues or any other risk/needs factors. Case managers supervise offenders after a supervision plan is developed which is applied throughout the bond period.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsibilities: Under supervision performs the following duties:

  • Perform intakes and assessments of pre-trial defendants with an eye to develop supervision plans to mitigate danger, failure to appear and recidivism risk.
  • Reiterate, reinforce and clarify conditions of bond.
  • Provide support and establish clear expectations for compliance with bond conditions.
  • Collaborate with and make referrals to partner agencies.
  • Manage a caseload of approximately 10-15 defendants.
  • Review, follow-up and maintain supervision plans.
  • Collaborate and provide professional communications with system stakeholders in the 20th Judicial.
  • Prepare documents for and give testimony in Court.
  • Enter offender and court data into computer system.
Qualifications and Requirements:

Intern Qualifications: Must be at least 21 years old and be in the SECOND year of an accredited MSW, MA or PhD Counseling program that provides curriculum on case management theory and technique, including familiarity with crisis intervention theory, relationship building and motivational interviewing skills.

We prefer interns with a strong interest in serving disempowered populations and those who have some experience working with clients in a human service or criminal justice setting.

Essential skills are: excellent verbal and written communication, computer skills including Excel, initiative, teamwork, and the ability to set appropriate limits. All interns must pass a criminal background check and fingerprinting. No one will be accepted who has a DUI/DWAI conviction within the past four years.

16-24 hours per week (preferably Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays) Hours vary between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm based on program and client needs. Interns will work at the Longmont Courthouse office of Community Justice Services.

Training Dates and Information:

Training will occur after a suitable candidate has been identified. There is one opening for this position at this time.

Additional Information:

Please consider researching the Community Justice Services mission, core values and units prior to applying.

Responsible To: LCSW supervisor (if appropriate) and PTS staff who work within the Community Justice Services Division; Site supervision will be with an experienced Pretrial Supervision Unit Case Manager or Supervisor.

Benefits To The Volunteer: Excellent professional experience in providing direct case management services, utilizing motivational interviewing skills, Solution Focused interviewing skills with individuals and groups involved in the criminal justice system. Coordinate with and provide referral to outside human service agencies within the 20th Judicial District. Programs learned: Automon, Outlook, Court Data Access, Sentry UA system and more.


Mary Eldred, Justice System Volunteer Services Coordinator



Application Process:

Email Mary Eldred: meldred@bouldercounty.org expressing interest and requesting application instructions and the online link. Once all documents have been processed, and the background check completed and passed, a screening interview may be scheduled prior to a formal in-person interview with the PTS supervisor.

On-site academic field supervision for interns is available.