Volunteer Opportunity

Youth Mentor – 1 year commitment – Training March 3

Application or Registration Deadline: 02/25/2020
Opportunity Type: Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity
Department: Community Services
Category: Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Human Services and Public Health
Time Commitment & Minimum Age: Must be at least 21 years old to apply. 2-3 hours/week for at least one year after being matched with a youth.

Mentors are needed to connect with underserved youth in Boulder County. Mentors pick up/drop off mentees at their residences to do various activities one-on-one outside the home, anywhere in Boulder County – Longmont, Lafayette, Boulder, Erie, Louisville included. Geographic preferences are taken into consideration but not always accommodated.

Program Summary:

Join us in this meaningful program for children aged 11-15 who are involved in county services, or are at risk of becoming involved in the justice system.

Many young people just need to get out of the house, or simply need a listening ear when they become involved in the justice system or county services; they come from fractured homes, difficult family situations and/or have suffered traumas in addition to facing the challenge of negative peer influences.

This Mentoring Program gender matches adults with juveniles one-on-one in order to provide them with singular, focused attention for a few hours each week by an interested, well-adjusted adult who is non-judgmental, compassionate, open, respectful and fun.

By meeting with a stable caring adult role model these young people gain a unique supportive relationship that can promote the development of healthy interests, positive attitudes and their ability to speak with adults and reduce the likelihood of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. Mentors also provide individual attention that separate a youth from the potential influences of higher-risk peers. Very often a mentor can change a life (and a mentee can change yours)!

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide mentoring to young people, ages 11-15, who are involved in county services or the court system in some way.
Commit to meet with your mentee face-to-face for an average of 2-3 hours per week for one year after you have been matched (vacations and illness excepted). Days of the week and times are flexible, depending on your and their schedules. This program is not designed for volunteers who are out of town frequently or for extended periods. Consistency is crucial; many of these youth have no consistent adult in their lives.


MANDATORY ORIENTATION: TUESDAY MORNING, Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in the Justice Center in Boulder. (8:30am-12:00pm) Free parking. If you cannot attend this meeting, please consider waiting until the Fall 2020 orientation.

Qualifications and Requirements:

An ability to interact authentically with teens in a positive, non-preachy appropriate, supportive and respectful way.

Must be at least 21 years old. Must possess a valid Colorado driver’s license and insurance, or have excellent knowledge of how to navigate public transportation countywide.

Must be patient and eager to listen!

NOTE: Patience is crucial. Often mentors are not matched for 2-3 months after being accepted into the program. The one year commitment begins once you are matched with a youth. The commitment is to them as well as the program!

We attempt to find appropriate individuals with similar interests. Once matched, realize that relationship building and change happens slowly! Maturity, comfort around teens, not trying to teach or ‘fix’ a child, being a good listener, and having good communication skills are desired. Some understanding of child development and adolescent behavior helps.


Weekly communication with and support from the program coordinator.

Meet monthly expense reimbursement deadlines.

Must pass a criminal background check and fingerprints. Having a record does not necessarily prohibit you from being considered. Each person is considered individually. Staff retain the right to deny applicants based on role compatibility.

Community members with a DUI/DWAI/MIP conviction within the past 5 years cannot be considered.

Training Dates and Information:

The next Mentor Training will occur on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 8:30am-12:00 pm at the Justice Center in Boulder.

This 3 and 1/2 hour pre-service orientation is MANDATORY for any volunteer applicants who are approved to become mentors. Please ensure that you are available to attend this training BEFORE you apply for the program. If you are unable to attend, please wait until the fall training in early October.

All applications must be submitted by Tuesday, February 25, 2020 in order be vetted, interviewed and considered for this training. We need at least 12 mentors, both men and women, to meet the needs of children who are referred by school or services counselors or who ask to be matched with mentors in Longmont, Louisville, Boulder, Lafayette, Erie and other municipalities within Boulder County.

Additional Information:

As a Mentor You Will Receive:
-Training and ongoing support by professional MSW staff.

-A meaningful relationship with a youth who may not have enjoyed many healthy relationships.

-Experience for individuals who want to pursue careers working with youth or in criminal justice.

-Mileage and food reimbursement of the mentee’s activity costs during mentoring-related activities when all receipts are retained and remitted by monthly deadlines.

-The satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference at a pivotal time in the life of a youth and helping them become a successful part of the community.


Anne Brubacher
Youth Mentoring Program Coordinator
Phone: 303.441.4890
Email: abrubacher@bouldercounty.org

Mary Eldred
Justice System Volunteer Program Coordinator
Phone: 303.441.3718
Email: meldred@bouldercounty.org

Application Process:

Please email Anne Brubacher at abrubacher@bouldercounty.org explaining your interest in becoming a mentor. Interested appropriate parties will then be sent the application form link.

All applicants must agree to and pass a criminal background check and fingerprinting.

All volunteers are interviewed by the Mentor Program Coordinator. This is a selective process; not all applicants will be appropriate for this program but we are grateful for your interest in improving our kids’ lives.