Annual Report

Annual Report 2015

2015 was a great year in regard to a lack of major or catastrophic events, and a pretty smooth year operationally. We continue to struggle with a very overcrowded jail, and an abundance of individuals in our custody with mental health needs. Our 30 year old jail now holds double the number of people it was designed to hold when it was built. A daily population of nearly 500 inmates is complicated by the fact that on any given day about 150 of them have a serious mental illness. The only reason we continue to be successful is because of a very dedicated staff, who constantly find a way to make things work. The boarding of inmates in other counties has now become common‐place, and as of this writing over 45 inmates are being held in other counties. The Board of County Commissioners has enlisted the assistance of consulting firms to look at crowding, future needs, and staffing issues. I am sincerely hoping for a plan to start alleviating some of these issues by years end.

2015 was also the beginning of my final term as sheriff. Transition planning is well underway as we will see several major retirement waves of senior employees in the next year. As a result many opportunities to establish the new leadership of the sheriff’s office will become available. My hope in this final term is to develop a plan that everyone can agree on to alleviate the chronic jail crowding issues, and to firmly establish the future leadership of this agency.

Sheriff Joe Pelle

Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

The Sheriff provides law enforcement in rural areas and small towns, manages the county Jail, serves as an officer of the court, runs the county 911 communication center, provides emergency management and coordination for major events, (man-made and natural), transports and extradites prisoners, and a handles a variety of other statutory responsibilities.

We work cooperatively with other police and public safety agencies in Boulder County to provide a high level of service and safety.

Our mission is to provide efficient, effective public safety services; delivered with character, competence, and open communication.

We accomplish our mission through the effort of almost 400 dedicated employees and approximately 200 volunteers.

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