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In criminal proceedings, defendants have the right to obtain “Discovery”. With the Discovery information, the defendant can test the prosecution’s evidence and prepare their defense. In Colorado criminal cases, the right to Discovery is governed by Rule 16 of the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure.

By law, the only persons authorized to order and pick up discovery in a criminal case are:

  1. An attorney of record, who has filed an entry of appearance on behalf of the defendant in the case for which the request is being made;
  2. An employee of the attorney of record, or professional courier authorized by the attorney of record to receive discovery, or
  3. A defendant who is not represented by an attorney (pro se)

Any other requests for discovery or information contained in a criminal case MUST be submitted in writing to:

Custodian of Records, District Attorney, 20th Judicial District
P.O. Box 471
Boulder CO 80306

Such requests are pursuant to the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act.


  • Refers to the right of the accused person, or “defendant”, to obtain access to the information the District Attorney’s Office will rely upon to prosecute a case.
  • Entitles a defendant to obtain copies of all the police reports pertaining to the case, as well as any witness statements, reports of experts, photographs, and any audio or visual recordings that will be used to prove the case against a defendant.
  • After a case has been referred to our office by a law enforcement agency and charges have been filed, the District Attorney’s Office will open a case on the defendant. All police reports and other evidence in the case are then requested and processed for discovery when they are received.

If you are an attorney, in order to receive discovery you must do three things:

  1. Obtain an account from JusticeWeb, which is the e-discovery system used by the Twentieth Judicial District District Attorney to produce discovery in criminal case.
  2. You must file an Entry of Appearance with the Court before discovery will be made available to you on JusticeWeb.
  3. You must also install 7ZIP on your computer (Unarchiver or WinZip works with Macintosh).
  • To register on JusticeWeb, click the following orange JusticeWeb icon to go to the JusticeWeb website and request an account. Justice Web

Please note that accounts can only be activated in the name of a licensed attorney. It may take up to one business day to activate your account.

  • If you are running Windows OS, you must install 7-Zip or WinZip to view the documents in the zipped file. If you are running on a Macintosh OS, you must install Unarchiver or WinZip. Please note, 7-Zip and Unarchiver are free programs. The first time try to open the zip file, you will need to manually tell your system to open the zip file with these software products. These free product do not automatically associate the .zip extension to the software.
    • Click on the following orange 7-Zip icon to receive instructions on installing a free copy of 7-ZIP .7-ZIP (Note: Edge does not work well with 7-Zip. Please use a different browser).
    • Click on the following orange Unarchiver icon to receive instructions on installing a free copy of Unarchiver. Unarchiver
  • If you experience any issues with JusticeWeb, please email Debra Bouricius at

Please note that the Boulder District Attorney will no longer accept requests for discovery from attorneys via telephone, email or in person.

The District Attorney may produce discovery in the format in which it was received. This may require you to download additional software in order to view the discovery.

  • If you are pro se (not represented by an attorney because you wish to represent yourself), click on the following orange PRO SE icon to fill out the discovery request form. Request PRO SE Discovery Please be advised that you will need to bring a valid photo ID with you in order to receive your discovery and that another individual cannot pick up the discovery for you. If your case is pending in Longmont, you must go to the Longmont Justice Center at 1035 Kimbark, Longmont to pick up your discovery. If your case is pending in Boulder you must go to the Boulder Justice Center at 1777 6th Street in Boulder to pick up your discovery. Paper request forms can also be obtained at either of these locations

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