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High School Resources

School supplies with chalkboard over it that reads: Student Voter Registration Awareness Week will be back in Spring of 2022!Thank you to BVSD and SVVSD for adopting resolutions in support of a 2nd annual High School Voter Registration Awareness Week: April 5 – April 9, 2021 (BVSD Resolution and SVVSD Resolution). This year’s event was a great success, and we look forward to working with you again in 2022!

Voter Registration doesn’t need to wait for the Spring! We have year-round resources available to our HS Voter Registration Liaisons. Check out our two-minute thank you message below, and then see resources and support that you can use all year long. Tag us on social media for any events you have planned this fall!

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Boulder County Elections partners with public high schools in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts to promote high school student voter registration. As a state, Colorado values and promotes youth voter participation, as reflected in our high ranking on facilitative election laws. Students as young as 16 can pre-register to vote. (Other eligibility requirements also apply.)

In Colorado, every high school is required to appoint a Voter Registration Liaison to assist with voter registration on school grounds. We work with BVSD and SVVSD high schools to identify, train, and provide resources for these Liaisons as they seek to promote awareness about voter registration and democratic engagement at their schools. Students/teachers/parents – Not sure who your voter registration liaison is? Ask your principal!

In Boulder County, 62% of youth (ages 18-29) were registered to vote in 2018. Nationwide, the majority of people report that they have never been asked to register to vote, and only 6% said they were asked at school or as part of class. By partnering with our schools, we are working to change that!

Research shows that voter registration is the biggest hurdle: the vast majority of youth who are registered to vote will end up voting. Studies also show that active efforts to grow voters – for example, through education about elections and voting – increase students’ lifelong civic participation.

We welcome you to join us in our efforts to grow voters among the youth in Boulder County.

High School Voter Registration Liaison

Colorado Election Law (Title 1, Article 2, Part 4, 1-2-402 and 1-2-403) states that every public high school principal needs to appoint a staff person to help citizens register to vote while on school grounds. This person is referred to in statute as a “high school deputy registrar,” but in Boulder County we refer to them as a High School Voter Registration Liaison. This person is trained in voter registration basics by their county clerk’s office.

Typical examples of staff members who take on this role include civics, social studies, or similar teachers or high school administrators or guidance counselors.

The Liaison promotes and encourages voter registration or preregistration of all eligible students and school employees by making it available on school grounds when school is open for classes or at other school events.

The Liaison is the “go to” person in the school who helps to register and preregister eligible voters by:

  • answering questions;
  • making voter registration forms available and sharing the online voter registration link www.GoVoteColorado.gov;
  • checking and validating registration paperwork for accuracy and completeness (when possible and as appropriate);
  • forwarding the registration paperwork to Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s office.

Once you have been appointed as a Voter Registration Liaison by your school’s principal, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Contact the Vote Center and Outreach Supervisor for a link to the Liaison Training Class. It takes about 15-30 minutes to complete the training program.

Step 2: Review the resources provided for what would be useful for your school. We have sample school announcements, class presentations, and more.

Step 3: Send any completed paperwork from the class to Vote@BoulderCountyVotes.org and set up a time to be sworn in as a High School Voter Registration Liaison.

Step 4: Complete your oath as a High School Voter Registration Liaison.

Eliza Pickrell Routt Award

Recognizing high schools that have registered 85% or more of their seniors.

Apply Here

Resources & Ideas to Promote High School Voter Registration

Resources for Ongoing Student Voter Registration

  • Promote student registration awareness by keeping registration forms easily available, and talking about ways to get involved in any upcoming elections
  • See our HS Voter Registration Presentation – walk your class (or classes) through the why/how of the voting process in Boulder County (including registration): 45 minute and 15-minute versions available through the online portal (available to liaisons).
  • Newspaper and Media Clubs – Reach out to us to schedule an interview! We’d love to talk about why youth registration and voting is so important.
  • Follow our Social Media accounts and share our posts leading up to the election. We’ll tag your school. Let us know if you’d like us to tag your personal account too! We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Partner with an organization to do a Virtual Voter Registration Drive (contact us for info).

Boulder County Elections Videos

Share these short videos with your class to help them learn more about elections in Boulder County:

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