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Resources have been compiled for those most impacted, and a call center is also available to answer questions at 720-776-0822.

Image of Hall Ranch in the summer at sunset.

Environment & Sustainability

Learn about Boulder County’s efforts to conserve our precious natural resources and promote healthy lifestyles. Adopt sustainable ways of living by recycling, composting, and commuting in ways that protect our air, land and water. Defend yourself and your family against environmental health risks. Read about Boulder County’s guiding principles in the Comprehensive Plan.

Featured Programs

Forest Health Outreach Program
Boulder County’s Forest Health program promotes forest sustainability and stewardship of the land through outreach and education with private landowners. Learn more about upcoming trainings and workshops, bark beetle management, the community chipping reimbursement program, and the forestry sort yards and slash disposal.

Animal-borne Disease
Some animals and insects carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Boulder County works to prevent these diseases and minimize their transmission. Learn more about these diseases, including West Nile virus, rabies, plague, and hantavirus.

Hazardous Materials Management Facility
The new facility, located next to the recycling center on 63rd street in Boulder includes an increase in the amount and types of materials accepted, business waste management, increased all-weather operation, improved safety, and longer operating hours. Learn more about hazardous and business waste (CESQG).