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Groundwater Contamination

Septic systems are the second most frequently cited source of groundwater contamination in our country. Unapproved, aging, and failing septic systems have a large impact on the quality and safety of our water supply.

Risk Factors

Many factors put some areas with septic systems at greater risk than others, including the age of the system, how many other systems are nearby, the type of soil and slope of the ground the system is on, and the distance of the system from drinking or ground water.

Septic System Approval

All septic systems in Boulder County must be reviewed and approved by Boulder County Public Health water quality staff to ensure they are properly constructed and in good working order. The deadline for systems not currently approved to receive approval is December 31, 2023. The deadline may be sooner for septic systems in areas at greater risk of contamination to water supplies.

The process for septic system final approval requires applying for a permit, soil analysis, and a site inspection.


Requiring an inspection of a property’s septic system at the time of property sale or transfer is one of the best strategies to assure systems are working properly and safely. The Boulder County Board of Health adopted a property transfer regulation in 2008 to ensure that any issues with the septic system are disclosed to the new buyer, and that the existing owner or new buyer will make the repairs within one year of the closing date.

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