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Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers helps parents become their children’s first and most important teacher.
Parenting Questions?

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a home visiting program for families with children aged birth through kindergarten. PAT works with parents to:

  • Increase parent knowledge of early childhood development
  • Identify developmental delays/health issues
  • Prepare children for school.

PAT family advisors support positive parenting techniques with evidence based information and skill building. Parent advocates visit with families in their homes prepared with individualized lessons as well as child development and family wellbeing information.

PAT helps parents to be their children’s first teacher and helps children enter school ready to learn.

Boulder County PAT works with families to support in three key areas:

  1. Child development and school readiness support: We help children enter school on track and ready to learn. We know when children fall behind it is very difficult to catch up and can become a downward spiral that negatively affects their whole lives. We want to reverse that trajectory and set children up for success.
  2. Parenting Skills Education: We help parents understand that they are their children’s first and most influential teacher. Through skillful parenting techniques and advocacy, parents can have an enormously positive impact on their children’s lives.
  3. Community Resource Connection. We help connect families to the resources they need when they need them.

We really are: hope for the future and help when you need it!

Parent Advisors:

The Parents as Teachers Parenting Advisory Team is a group of highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals. Every member of the team has a Master’s degree in social work, early childhood, psychotherapy, or a related field. All parent advisors, aside from the coordinator, are bilingual in English and Spanish.

PAT Home Visitors:

  • Provide consultation, support, and are a confidential, nonjudgmental sounding board for parents.
  • Bring a variety of activities such toys, games, crafts, puzzles, and other materials to support child development and school readiness.
  • Teach and leave parent handouts about relevant, current, and evidence based information on parenting skills and techniques.
  • Conduct screenings and assessments to help understand to identify what supports the family may need and make referrals to supporting community resources.
  • Are available to accompany families to visit schools and day cares, to IEP meetings, and parent teacher conferences.

To qualify family must answer YES to ANY of these questions:

  • Do you receive snap, free/reduced lunch, WIC, or Medicaid?
  • Is your housing in any way provided or subsidized by any Boulder County Program?
  • Do you have more than one child under five years old?
  • Did you stop attending school before graduation AND have also not received a GED?
  • Is either parent under 21 years old?
  • Does either parent speak only a language OTHER than English OR did either parent immigrate to this country within the last five years?
  • Were any of your children born premature, very low birthweight, with a disability, or with a health condition?
  • Does either parent have any mental or physical health disabilities (diagnosed or suspected)?
  • Is there a history of abuse of any kind?
  • Do you have any serious concerns about your child’s behavior or development?

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Elaan Brudno

Elaan has been the coordinator for the Parents as Teachers program of Boulder County for the last four years. She has been working with children for almost 20 years as a counselor, teacher, and home visitor. She feels tremendously grateful everyday to be able to do work that is both fulfilling and has a meaningful impact. She has a son named Shyo and they love to play and go on fun adventures together. She also loves to roller blade, kayak, do yoga, ride bikes, and listen to music.

Program Coordinator / Parent Advocate

Email: | Phone: 303-204-3302

Arpita Kishen

Arpita has been working as a Parent Educator with Boulder County’s Parents as Teachers Program since January 2014. She has over 20 years of teaching experience in early childhood education and is bilingual in English and Spanish. She enjoys practicing yoga, hiking in the mountains, laying in the sunshine, dancing and most of all, spending time with my young son, Khalil.

Parent Advocate

Email: | Phone: 410-858-0848

Elise Silva

Elise has worked with children and families in varying capacities for over a decade. She brings a unique and holistic perspective to this work that comes from her experience working with low income families and her education in “De-Privilegizing Health”. She is excited to draw upon that knowledge base to effect tangible, positive change in the community. She has a young daughter named Lilah and she loves to dance!

Parent Advocate

Email: | Phone: 720-316-6339

Naomi Segel

Naomi has worked with families in various capacities for over a decade. She is passionate about building relationships and partnering with families to reach their desired goals. She believes that supporting children and parents during early childhood is crucial for lifelong success. Naomi loves spending time with her two young daughters and enjoys traveling, seeing live music, snowboarding, hiking, yoga and spending time outdoors.

Parent Advocate

Email: | Phone: 720-646-1924


The relationship between parents and their children will be strengthened and supported by fostering secure attachment, developing accurate attunement, promoting appropriate responsiveness, and encouraging mindful attentiveness.

Parents and children will build skills to increase family wellbeing by increasing parent knowledge of child development, enhancing parenting skills, and supporting each child to enter school on track and ready to learn.


  • To increase literacy.
  • To prevent child abuse and neglect.
  • To help families to create a more harmonious home life.
  • And to increase the likelihood of future success.

Community Partners

Parents as Teachers of Boulder County is part of a network of amazing home visiting programs in in place to support families in many different ways. These programs are:

  • Genesis
  • Community Infant Program
  • Nurse Family Partnership
  • Early Head Start
  • Children with Special Needs

The following spectrum is a rainbow matrix of these different home visiting program and what we do.


Don’t worry if you aren’t sure whether PAT or another program is the best fit for your family! Contact any of the programs and we will help you find the one that will best support your family.

Home Visitation Programs

Home Visitation Programs

In addition to our partner home visiting programs, we also collaborate with a many other programs and organizations in Boulder County such as:

Sister CarmenColorado Community Response
EFAAWIC (Women Infants and Children)
OUR CenterBoulder Housing Partners
Bringing School Home ProgramEarly Childhood Council of Boulder County
DHHS Works Program (TANF)East Boulder Community Alliance
DHHS Housing Programs (HSP and TBRA)Bright Eyes Longmont Coalition

If your program or organization is interested in collaborating with Boulder County Parents as Teachers please contact Elaan Brudno at 303-204-3302.

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