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Board of Equalization
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Board of Equalization (BOE)

2020 Deadline to Appeal the Board of Equalization is Sept. 28

Property owners who disagree with the Assessor’s Notice of Determination can appeal that decision to the Board of Equalization (BOE). The deadline to petition the BOE is Sept. 15 unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday; then the deadline will fall on the following business day. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, an Executive Order of the Governor, D_2020_022 has extended the deadline to Sept. 28, 2020.

Important information for petitioners:

All 2020 Board of Equalization hearings will be held remotely to ensure the safety of the public and staff.

When filing an appeal, any evidence previously submitted to the Assessor during your initial protest, which you wish to have considered at your hearing, must be resubmitted to the Board of Equalization. Submit all documents in duplicate, including any you may bring directly to the hearing. The Board of Equalization is not affiliated with the Assessor’s Office. All documents submitted become part of the record and cannot be returned.

All petitioners can request data supporting the Assessor’s valuation from the Assessor’s office. Within three working days of the receipt of your written request, the data supporting the Assessor’s valuation shall be available to you at the Assessor’s Office, 1325 Pearl Street. For more information, call the Assessor’s Office at 303-441-3530.

Due to COVID-19, appealing online is highly encouraged. When you appeal online, you also have the option to schedule your hearing, otherwise a hearing date will be scheduled for you. Due to COVID-19, your hearing may be held virtually. Please include an email address and a phone number on your appeal.

How do I file an appeal?

  • Appeal online:
    • File online with the account number and access pin located on the first page of the Notice of Determination.
    • If you have any problems with the online petition, email
    • Appeals can not be accepted through email or fax.


  • Complete and sign the back of the Notice of Determination. Submit all documents and evidence in duplicate by the deadline and keep a copy for your records.
  • Include the following with your petition (attach extra sheets if necessary):
    • Your estimate of the value of your property.
    • Any evidence you submitted to the Assessor for your initial protest that you wish to use again in your appeal to the BOE. The BOE is not affiliated with the Assessor’s office. Any evidence you submitted to the Assessor for your initial protest will not be shared with the BOE unless you submit it.
    • A Letter of Agency signed by you, if:
      • An agent is filing the Petition for you -OR-
      • You do not plan to be present at your hearing but will be represented by someone who is not an attorney at law licensed in the State of Colorado.

Mail to:

*Must be clearly postmarked on or before Sept. 28

Board of Equalization
P.O. Box 471
Boulder CO 80306

Hand Deliver to:

BOE Drop Box Info

Drop Box LocationBoard of Equalization Dropbox
Located outside of the building
2025 14th Street
Boulder CO 80302

When will I receive notice of my hearing?

BOE official Notices of Hearing are sent via U.S. Mail. If you include your email address on your petition, the notice will be emailed to you. Due to the short window of time allowed for BOE hearings by legislation, there may be little notice prior to a hearing date, and the BOE cannot reschedule hearings. If your hearing has been scheduled, you can use the BOE Hearing Schedule search at right. Your account will not show up if your hearing has not been scheduled.

What if I cannot attend my hearing?

If you submit evidence at least 3 days prior to the day you are scheduled, the hearing will go on in your absence and your evidence will be considered in the decision of the referee.

When will I receive the decision of the BOE?

The BOE will send taxpayers a written notice of its decision in early November. The letter will also include information on further appeals processes. Visit the Appeals Process page for information on other steps in the appeal process.

For questions about the valuation of your property, visit the Assessor’s Office.

About the BOE

The BOE’s mission is to assure just and equalized property tax assessments and to ensure taxpayers have full access to the appeal system. The Boulder County Board of Commissioners sits as the Board of Equalization.

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Board of Equalization
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