Niwot Local Improvement District

Niwot Local Improvement District Advisory Committee (NLIDAC)

The NLIDAC serves as an independent board to provide the Boulder County Commissioners with recommendations for improvements to the Niwot Local Improvement District (LID). The committee prioritizes expenditures of the LID sales tax revenue for projects including but not limited to capital improvements, community events and promotion, transportation, and transit improvements. The committee reports back to the Boulder County Commissioners who serve as the Board of Directors for the Niwot LID.

Mission Statement

The Niwot Local Improvement District promotes economic vitality to serve, facilitate and sustain a robust business base in Niwot’s commercial district, through prioritized investment of sales tax revenues.

Vision Statement

The Niwot Local Improvement District Advisory Committee is a catalyst for a thriving business district that sustains the unique, authentic culture of Niwot.

Useful Forms

Any form that may be needed regularly for management of the Niwot LID will be posted here.

Niwot LID Advisory Committee
Project Funding Request Form
Invoice for Incremental Funding
One-Time Payment Invoice Form
Instructions to Receive Funds
Payment Instructions
Funding Application Guidelines

Meeting Schedule

The Niwot LIDAC meets the first Tuesday of the month from 7 – 9 p.m. at Mt. View Fire & Rescue Station, 8500 Niwot Road.

For more information about upcoming meetings, please contact at 303-441-4567.


Membership is as follows:

  • 1 Niwot Business Association Representative
  • 1 Niwot Community Association Representative
  • 4 Rate-paying business members of the District
  • 3 Niwot residents

Current Members

  • Anthony Santelli – Niwot Business Association
  • Laura Skaggs – Niwot Community Association
  • James Champion – Community Resident Representative
  • Howard Treppeda – Business Community Representative
  • Harris Faberman – Business Community Representative
  • Bruce “Biff” Warren – Business Community Representative
  • Satir DeMarco – Community Resident Representative
  • Carrie Wise – Business Community Representative
  • Jim Eastman – Community Resident Representative