Artist-in-Residence Program
Artist in Residence Program

Artist-in-Residence Program

The program provides an opportunity for artists to pursue their work in the inspiring landscape and history of Caribou Ranch. By sharing their art, we hope to add to residents’ enjoyment of open space lands and create a legacy of art preserved for future generations.

2019 Applications

Sorry, the application deadline was Feb. 15.

Artists’ Stay

Selected artists will stay in the historic DeLonde Barn at Caribou Ranch.

Artists can stay up to seven days during a period from July 1 through October 1.

The open space property offers a variety of landscapes to explore including streams, waterfalls, forests, and beautiful vistas. Moose, elk, black bears, beavers, bats and nearly 90 species of birds live within or pass through the area.

Also found on the property is the Blue Bird Mine complex where miners from the 1870s to the 1960s extracted silver ore. In the early 1900s, the site was a whistle stop for the Denver, Boulder & Western Railroad.

2018 Selected Artists

Jeff Diener AiR Submission
Jeff Diener received his first SLR camera as a graduation present after completing his BA at the University of Colorado, Boulder. That camera and many others have since accompanied Jeff on extensive travels across the western U.S., the Alps, India, Nepal and points further east. As an award-winning, internationally published photographer, he’s gained notoriety for producing powerful, timeless and vibrant images of outdoor adventure and wilderness landscapes. For the past 20 years, he’s worked behind the lens for many commercial & editorial clients worldwide but is continually pulled to his roots as a landscape photographer. Jeff’s eye is drawn to the beauty of fleeting moments, and the soul-stirring light of wild country. His hope is that the work he creates gives a window into the incredible beauty of these spaces, his “Promised Land,” and that this imagery gives the inspiration for others to pursue and connect with nature’s stunning moments in every form they can find.
Martha Daley AiR Submission
Martha Daley is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Boulder, Colorado. Growing up in central Pennsylvania, she was fortunate to have ample opportunity to explore the woodlands and farmlands near her home, awakening a lifelong love for the outdoors. She received a BA in Studio Art from the University of Colorado with a focus in interdisciplinary practices including studies in drawing, painting, printmaking, fiber, and digital arts. She draws inspiration from nature and natural processes, and is especially interested in exploring motion and transitory phases in her work, such as seasonal changes or describing the flight of birds and insects in still images. She primarily works in watercolor and gouache, but is always looking for new methods and media to explore.
Dale Harding AiR Submission
Dale Harding at the young age knew he wanted to be an artist. Every opportunity to enroll in art classes and specialized art instruction was an adventure. Dale earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in art education while specializing in printmaking. The creative but technical aspects of the printmaking process were captivating and Dale focused even deeper into the process of serigraphy, more commonly known today as screen printing. Dale began his working career as an art teacher and then followed his penchant for technology, eventually earning a post as technical director of a global screen printing equipment manufacturer. With the advent of digital technology, Dale’s career path led him into the world of high-speed digital printing for the textile industry and he served as the North American technical trainer for a high tech printer manufacturer based in Israel. Dale continued to create limited edition serigraphy as well as acrylic and watercolor paintings. Quite by accident, he discovered the beauty and brilliance of painting with pure pigment that can only be achieved with pastels and has since focused on pastels as his medium of choice. Dale and his wife moved to Colorado from New Hampshire in 2017. He is a member of the Pastel Society of Colorado and the Greeley Art Association.
Bev Haring AiR Submission
Bev Haring was born and raised in Colorado, spending time in Utah and many years in California has given her a broad exposure to the colors and textures of many landscapes as well as the impacts of many cultures. Her love of “old things” has lead to a large collection of photos of aging objects and architecture that she uses to inspire new pieces of art. Her time spent with her grandmother as a young child gave her the opportunity to learn to sew, knit and quilt at a young age, and she has said she has never met a fiber art she didn’t want to try. Beginning with small local shows, Haring has grown her exhibit reach to include shows from coast to coast in the US and in Canada. In addition, she has served as a curator of several shows for Studio Art Quilt Associates and continues to increase her collector base.
Erin Roberston AiR Submission
Erin Robertson teaches outdoor nature writing classes for homeschoolers in Boulder, Colorado (BoCo Wild Writers), where she finds ways to blend her background as a biologist, writer, and educator. Erin has been selected for a full-tuition scholarship to Orion Magazine’s 2018 Environmental Writers’ Workshop and was a guest of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at Koyukuk National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska through the 2017 Voices of the Wilderness Artist in Residence program. Past honors include a Writer-to-Writer Mentorship through the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, awards in the Michael Adams Poetry Prize, and performances of her poems by Ars Nova Singers. You can read more of her work in Poet Lore,, FUNGI Magazine, and the anthology MycoEpithalamia: Mushroom Wedding Poems. She lives in Louisville with her remarkable husband and two sons.
Demry Frankenheimer AiR Submission
Demry Frankenheimer is a multimedia artist who utilizes a collection of materials to create a visual vocabulary, a language that enables her to define and articulate an experience, a concept or a moment in time. Within this language, she plays with the juxtaposition of her materials exploring the relationship of beauty and angst and their co-existence in the world. In 1987 she earned her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado and was hired by Hewlett Packard as a Design Engineer to research the physical environment’s influence on behavior and performance. After several successful implementations, she returned to graduate school where her work focused on creating spaces which evoked emotions and in 2001 received her MFA from the University of Colorado. In 2015 Demry was selected to participate in the CSArt Colorado Program. In 2016, she participated in the Boulder Open Studios Tour where she received the People’s Choice Award. Demry has shown in various galleries, taught art, co-developed an art program for a private school and volunteered in School Art classes. She continues to explore with new materials and is currently teaching workshops in her studio.

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