Field Trip & Program Requests
Field trip

Field Trip & Program Requests

Request A Program For Your Group Or Classroom

Let us supplement your science, history and geography curriculum with one of our free programs. Whether a classroom visit or a field trip, we can tailor our programs to enhance a variety of curriculum topics and meet a number of state and district standards for science, history and geography. These programs are also open to home-school groups of eight or more.

Limited bus funding is available for schools needing assistance with transportation costs. For information, contact , 303-678-6215.

Agricultural Heritage Center

Agricultural Heritage Center

Take a guided tour of the Lohr/McIntosh Farm and experience early 1900s farm life first-hand. Exhibits include live animals, a fully furnished 1909 farmhouse, and interactive displays about farming. After a guided tour, stay to enjoy lunch on our picnic grounds. Teachers can choose to add on one of several prepared natural history lessons at nearby McIntosh Lake.
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Living Map

Living Map

A large floor map of Boulder County that can be used in your classroom for hands-on exploration of a variety of topics such as geology, landforms, life zones, habitats, water resources, and plants and animals of our area.

Contact , 303-678-6214.

Traveling Trunks

Traveling Trunks

Schedule a cultural history volunteer to visit your classroom with a traveling trunk, offering hands-on, experiential learning with authentic props. These topics are available:

  • One-Room School House – Experience what school was like a century ago
  • Pretty Is – Find out how people kept tidy in the days before electricity and plumbing
  • Mining in Boulder County – Discover tools miners used and what it was like to be a miner

Contact , 303-776-8848.

School Days

Walker Ranch School Days

A field trip geared toward 3rd and 4th grade classes who are studying local and state history, we offer hands-on programs at Walker Ranch to explore the lives of the pioneers who settled there. Students try their hands at churning butter and doing laundry on the washboard, and compare and contrast ranch life in the late 1800s to life today.

Other grades can setup tours based on availability.

Contact , 303-678-6215.

Kids Bear Pelt

Custom Program

Not seeing a particular topic or area? We can customize a field trip or classroom program from these or other topics:

  • Animal adaptation
  • Food chains and webs
  • Life zones and habitats

Contact , 303-678-6214.

Request A Program For Your Group Or Club

Trained volunteer naturalists and cultural history interpreters will take your group on a journey exploring the topic of your choice. Outdoor programs are offered at many open space locations and historical sites. Indoor programs can be held at a location in the county that is convenient to you. Programs are offered year-round, usually run from one to three hours and are free of charge.

History Programs

Native Americans

Look at artifacts to learn more about Native American life. Contact at 303-776-8848.

Pretty Is

How did the pioneers keep clean, tidy, and smelling good in an age before running water, electricity, and all the store bought cosmetics and gadgets of today? Contact at 303-776-8848.

One Room School

What was it like going to a one room schoolhouse with kindergartners through eighth graders in the same room and just one teacher who was also the principal, janitor, and school nurse? Contact at 303-776-8848.


Peek into the lives of hard rock miners. Contact at 303-776-8848.

Cultural History

1880s Walker Ranch Homestead tours, Assay Office Museum tours, Agricultural Heritage Center tours and historic demonstrations are available. Contact at 303-776-8848.

What Is It?

Touch and learn about pioneer tools and gadgets to discuss how life was different then today. Contact at 303-776-8848.

Nature Programs


Learn about migration, bird watching, nests and raptors. Contact at 303-678-6214

Natural Environment

Learn about geology, life-zones, ecosystems, general nature hikes, pond life, nature through the seasons, wetlands and ecosystems. Contact at 303-678-6214.


Learn about adaptations, wildflowers, weeds, trees and fire ecology. Contact at 303-678-6214.


Learn about local wildlife, wildlife in winter, bugs, bats, snakes, predator-prey relationships, wildlife homes and habitats. Contact at 303-678-6214.

Custom Program

If you are interested in a topic not mentioned, let us know so we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

To request a history program contact at 303-776-8848.

To request a nature program contact at 303-678-6214.

Are programs only for schools?

No, scout groups, adult classes, faith-based groups, community clubs and organizations are all welcome.

For what age groups are programs appropriate?

We are prepared to work with all ages.

How large a group can I bring on a field trip to an open space property?

Generally, about 60 people or two school classes can be accommodated at Walker Ranch.
The Agriculture Heritage Center can accommodate up to 3 classes.

Do programs align with Colorado’s State Academic Standards?

Yes, our programs are aligned with a number of the grade level expectations for Life Science, Earth Science, History and Geography standards. We can provide more specific information about alignments to certain programs upon request.

Is funding available to help with transportation costs?

Limited bus funding is available for schools needing assistance with transportation costs. For information, contact , 303-678-6215.

How far in advance must I sign up?

We ask that you schedule programs at least 4 weeks in advance. Reservations are taken up to a year in advance.

Are programs offered in Spanish?

We have a few naturalists with Spanish language skills – with advance notice we can plan a bilingual English-Spanish program.

May I bring students with special needs?

We welcome children with special needs to our programs, but need advance notice to be adequately prepared. You must bring an aide or assistant who is familiar with the children. When you register, we can discuss with you any special preparations or limitations.

Must we observe park rules on our trip?

Yes. Please familiarize yourself and your group with the Rules and Regulations.

Are restrooms available?

Field trip sites have outhouse pit toilets, but no running water. Groups should bring drinking water and hand sanitizer if desired.

May we bring sack lunches along on our field trip?

Sites have shelters or picnic tables available for you to enjoy. Please mention your desire for a picnic lunch when you register so we can reserve the shelter for you when possible.

How do I sign up?

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