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Memorial Bench Donation

Memorial Bench Donation

The Memorial Bench Program provides an opportunity to honor, remember and pay tribute to loved ones. Memorial Benches also support efforts to enhance open space properties while benefiting the entire community.

Memorial Benches

Through your donation, staff will refurbish an existing bench or install a new bench. Several locations have already been pre-approved for new benches (see the Pre-Approved Bench Location Maps).

Benches can be requested at other locations and will be reviewed by staff. Staff will consider the need for a bench in that location, it’s impact on flora and fauna, ease of access for installation and maintenance, proximity to other benches, views, how much will it be used, etc. Not all requests for new memorial benches are approved.

Memorial Bench

Memorial Bench Request Form

Complete the request form to get started. A staff member will respond to your request with cost information, plaque requirements, and additional information in 5-7 business days.

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