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Land Conservation Awards
Barrett Property Sunset

Land Conservation Awards

Boulder County honors individuals or groups with its Land Conservation Awards for outstanding contributions made to the conservation, preservation, and protection of land-based environmental resources.

2021 Land Conservation Awards

Congratulations to the 2021 Land Conservation Award winners. The ceremony honoring the 2020 and 2021 winners will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 6 from 3-4:30 p.m. (location to be announced).

Land Conservation Award
Margaret Geick and Jean Moore

Tucker Property

Because of the strong desire of Margaret and Jean to preserve their 324 acres of lands in the Indian Peaks Environmental Conservation Area, Boulder County now owns this incredibly resource-rich property just west of Nederland. The property contains the North Beaver Creek B3 high biodiversity area, critical wildlife habitat, riparian and wetland areas, significant natural communities, and is surrounded by 755 acres of protected and preserved lands, resulting in a continuous area of over 1,000 acres.

Environmental Stewardship Award
Jan Chu

Jan Chu

Through her many decades of teaching, researching, and advocating for the natural environment, Jan has been instrumental in increasing knowledge about and appreciation for butterflies and their integral role in ecosystem function. She has created and fostered a network of naturalists throughout Boulder County and the northern Front Range who are engaged in studying butterflies and protecting their habitats.

Cultural & Historic Preservation Award
Indian Mountain Native American Veterans

Marty Chase Alone

Under the guidance and leadership of Wesley Black Elk and Marty Chase Alone the group has reestablished the Inipi Ceremony (purification sweat lodge) on the Southdown Indian Mountain property. The ceremonies performed by Wesley and Marty have provided important community gathering and spiritual healing for veterans and other people who are suffering from the effects of combat, military service, and other life-altering events. The ceremonies have also created a significant connection to land-based experiences for Native Americans in the Boulder and Denver areas.

Outstanding Volunteer Award
Elizabeth Kellogg

Liz Kellog

Liz has been volunteering with Boulder County Parks & Open Space, as well as many other land management organizations located in, and outside of, Boulder County since approximately 2005, and her passion continues to blossom with every growing season. Liz has contributed a total of about 1,590 volunteer hours to Boulder County programs, including: Seed Collection Scouts, Seed Collection Crew Leaders, Willow Monitoring, Milkweed Monitoring, Restoration Plant Monitoring, and the Peck Native Seed Garden Stewards.

Outstanding Volunteer Award
Anne Cure

Anne Cure

Ann is a long-time supporter of the Boulder County CSU Extension agriculture program. She is a leader among market farmers in Colorado and is sought out for engagement in national Slow Food events. Ann has served as a board member for the Colorado Organic Producers Association and the Boulder County Farmers Markets. She owns Cure Organic Farm in Boulder and provided access to her farm for nine years to allow CSU Extension to collect data on irrigation water use for a long-term research project.

About The Awards

Anyone may nominate individuals, families, or organizations that have made outstanding contributions in Boulder County in Land Conservation, Environmental Stewardship, or Cultural and Historic Preservation.

Special consideration will be given to activities that particularly affect unincorporated Boulder County and demonstrate ongoing effort. One-time efforts resulting in lasting benefits to the county’s environmental or cultural landscape will also be favored for selection. Other award selection criteria include activities that are a model for others or that increase public awareness.

People may not nominate themselves nor are they permitted to nominate organizations of which they are an officer or director. Official projects of federal, state, county, special district, and municipal government agencies are not eligible to be nominated. The project or transfer of land must have been completed within the last five years.

Please note that Outstanding Volunteer Awards are nominated and selected by staff volunteer coordinators and are not part of this nomination process.

Past Winners


  • Margaret Geick and Jean Moore, Land Conservation Award
  • Jan Chu , Environmental Stewardship
  • Indian Mountain Native American Veterans, Cultural & Historic Preservation Award
  • Elizabeth Kellogg, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Anne Cure, Outstanding Volunteer Award


  • Paul Lev-Ary, Land Conservation Award
  • Lowell and Diane Dodge, Environmental Stewardship
  • Gedeon Lafarge, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Rob Alexander, Outstanding Volunteer Award


  • Elizabeth Black , Land Conservation Award
  • Janet George, Environmental Stewardship
  • Betty Musfeldt, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Claudia Thiem, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Kathleen Andres, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Crocs, Partnership Award


  • Helen McCarty, Land Conservation Award
  • Roger Myers, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Melanie Bohren, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Defenders of Wildlife, Partnership Award


  • Ron Stewart, Land Conservation Award
  • Carron Meaney, Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Michelle Wieber & Eric Stevens, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Melinda & Lauren Courtman, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Cynthia Baker, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures, Partnership Award


  • The Toll Family and The Conservation Fund, Land Conservation Award
  • Jim McKee, Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Jules Van Thuyne, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Blair Smallwood, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • Linda Garcia, Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • CU – Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Partnership Award


  • PLAN-Boulder County, Land Conservation Award
  • Sue Cass, Environmental Stewardship
  • Rob and Liz Alexander, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Todd Van Dyke, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Annie Conry, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Sherrie Rasmussen, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Redstone Cyclery, Partnership Award


  • Rich Koopmann, Land Conservation Award
  • Dave Hallock, Environmental Stewardship
  • Lexie Spencer Armitage, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Art Roberts, Outstanding Volunteer
  • DeAnna Cassidy, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Level 3 Communications, Partnership Award


  • Keith Bateman, Land Conservation Award
  • George and Marti Oetzel, Environmental Stewardship
  • The Little Church in the Pines Board, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Megan Bowes, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Joyce Costello, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Geocaching Colorado, Partnership Award


  • Jan Burns, Land Conservation Award
  • Steve Jones, Environmental Stewardship
  • Skip and Marva DeFalco, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • David Davia, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Kathie Kennedy, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Barb Kirchner, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Alan Carpenter, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Amgen, Partnership Award


  • Ruth Almquist, Land Conservation Award
  • Wildland Restoration Volunteers, Environmental Stewardship
  • Scott Bruntjen & Carol Rinderknecht, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Jenn Archuleta, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Clare Shier, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Smartwool, Partnership Award


  • Luke Stromquist, Land Conservation Award
  • Boulder Flycasters, Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Left Hand Grange, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Katherine Young, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Dianne Marshall, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, Partnership Award


  • Craig Sterkel, Land Conservation Award
  • Ben Turner, Environmental Stewardship Award
  • June Peterson Howard, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Tina Pohlmann, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Diane Karash, Outstanding Volunteer


  • Van Thuyne Family, Land Conservation Award
  • Sigrid Ueblacker, Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Alan Villavicencio, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Ann Cooper, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Clarence Kneebone, Outstanding Volunteer


  • Robinson/Moore Family, Land Conservation Award
  • Dr. Oakleigh Thorne, II, Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Merrie and Jeff Wycoff, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Anne Q. Dyni, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Sharon Bokan, Outstanding Volunteer


  • LaVerne Krueger, Land Conservation Award
  • Cal-Wood Education Center, Environmental Stewardship Award
  • John Mayhoffer, Heritage Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation
  • Jim McKee, Outstanding Volunteer
  • Christina Kertesz, Outstanding Volunteer


  • Sandy Cruz, Land Conservation Award


  • Jim Crain, Land Conservation Award


  • Marcel Arsenault, Land Conservation Award


  • Audrey and Jim Benedict, Land Conservation Award
  • Anne and Henry Goodnow, Land Conservation Award


  • Katharine Welch, Land Conservation Award


  • Lillian C. Trevarton, Land Conservation Award
  • Boulder County Nature Association, Land Conservation Award


  • Dorothy Ellen Trevarton, Land Conservation Award
  • James L. Henry, Land Conservation Award


  • Martin and Natali Steinberg, Land Conservation Award


  • Ruth Wright, Land Conservation Award


  • Stuart S. Anderson, Land Conservation Award
  • Lee S. and Virginial H. Evans, Land Conservation Award
  • LeRoy Schlagel, Land Conservation Award


  • Martha Ricky Weiser, Land Conservation Award
  • Clancy C. Waneka, Land Conservation Award
  • Arthur R. Stromquist (awarded posthumously), Land Conservation Award
  • Alva M. Dodd, Sr. (awarded posthumously), Land Conservation Award

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