Assessment & Valuation

Assessment & Appeals

State Mandate for the Valuation of Properties

State statute requires that each property in the county be re-valued by the County Assessor in odd numbered years.

The Assessor’s Role

The Boulder County Assessor identifies and values all property within Boulder County in accordance with state law. The goal is to equalize property values so taxes are distributed fairly and equitably between property owners.

Property Valuation Process

The Mass Appraisal Process

The Assessor uses a mass appraisal process to predict property values. Multiplicative (logarithmic) multiple regression algorithms are derived from the variables in our database, as well as transformed variables that are created to improve the predictive capability of the model. This is done using the statistical software, SPSS.

The results are tested to ensure reasonable accuracy in property valuations.

The State of Colorado audits the outcomes for accuracy and fairness.

Determining Property Value

The Assessor’s Office uses the following methods to determine property value:

  • Evaluation of real market data that reflect actual sales in the marketplace
  • Comparison of properties of “like” characteristics and location using state-of-the-art modeling software and advanced mass property appraisal tools
  • Incorporation of information derived from property appeals

Property Valuation Process

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