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Boulder County Zoning
Boulder County Zoning Map - Boulder area

Boulder County Zoning

Zoning Ordinance

“A Zoning ordinance imposes such reasonable limitation upon the right of a property owner to use his property as he pleases, as may be determined by considerations of public health, safety, and welfare. But he may not use his property as he pleases without regard for his neighbors, or the effect of his actions upon the welfare and prosperity of which he is a part. Nor is a zoning ordinance merely a temporary matter. It is an integral part of public planning, which takes the long view. The use of land is a granted right, but the land itself remains long after individuals who have exercised such rights have passed away. Rural zoning contemplates not only benefits in the present, but also seeks to conserve our resources for future generations.”
Boulder County Zoning Resolution, 1944

The Land Use Department oversees zoning regulations for properties located in unincorporated Boulder County. View the Boulder County Zoning Map. For zoning inquiries concerning properties inside city limits, Municipality Contacts Within Boulder County.

Zoning Verification

A formal zoning compliance verification letter may be requested to check the zoning compliance on a parcel. A zoning compliance verification letter contains information regarding current zoning on the parcel, previous reviews and permits on the parcels and any known unresolved zoning or building code complaints on record. View the Planning Review Fee Schedule for the current fee for issuance of a formal zoning compliance verification letter. Use the Ask a Planner Form email form to request a formal zoning compliance verification letter.

Other Questions? Use the Ask a Planner Form email form or call for assistance.

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