Income tax and legal implications of prepaid property taxes

Our office cannot offer legal or financial advice. Seek advice from a lawyer or tax professional regarding whether your prepaid property taxes can be claimed as a deduction on your annual income tax returns. By accepting your payment, this office is not making a representation as to whether your tax payment will be deductible.

Additionally, while our office and other Treasurer’s Offices throughout Colorado have accepted prepayments for property taxes for several years, the Treasurer is not making any judgments whether it is legal for our office to be accepting such payments.

Prepayment terms

The Boulder County Treasurer will accept prepaid property taxes as a courtesy to taxpayers.

2018 mill levies are scheduled to be certified by the Assessor’s Office by December 17 and by the Board of County Commissioners on December 20, 2018. The tax roll is not delivered to the County Treasurer until January 2019. Because of this timeline, the Treasurer is accepting prepayments for property taxes owed only under the following dates and terms:

  • The taxpayer must get a quoted estimate of the taxes owed. The amount quoted is an estimate only. While we believe it to be accurate, additional taxes may be owed when we receive the official tax roll from the County Assessor in January 2019.
  • Prepayment may be made only for the estimated amount. Partial payments will not be accepted. Any amounts owed after the official tax roll is received in January must be paid by January 31, 2019, or the payment will be voided and returned.
  • Payments will be accepted in our office or by mail ONLY IF ACCOMPANIED BY THE ESTIMATE OUR OFFICE PROVIDES. Payments made without our estimate or in amounts that do not match our estimate will be returned without processing.
  • Any payment amount received higher than the actual taxes owed will be refunded to the taxpayer without interest at the earliest possible time feasible by the Treasurer.

Prepayment dates and hours

The Treasurer will accept prepayment of taxes on the following days from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM:

  • Friday, December 21
  • Wednesday, December 26
  • Thursday, December 27
  • Friday, December 28

Prepayments will be accepted only in the main office in Boulder at 1325 Pearl Street or by mail at PO Box 471 Boulder, CO 80306. Payments at our Boulder office may be made in-person or in our drop box located outside the East entrance to our office (on the sidewalk between the main center building and the East wing). Drop box payments will be collected daily.

Payments sent through the mail will be processed if received in our office by December 28, 2018. Payments postmarked but not received in our office will be processed when the tax roll is delivered to our office by the Assessor in January 2019. Your check will be your receipt for these payments.

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