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Liquor Licenses
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Liquor Licenses

Liquor licenses in unincorporated Boulder County are administered by the Boulder County Administrative Services Department. Licenses may be held in the name of a corporation, limited liability companies, partnerships or sole proprietors.

The Local Licensing Authority holds public hearings or review of renewal applications on an as-needed basis. Liquor Licensing agendas are posted on the main floor of the Boulder County Courthouse at least 24 hours in advance. All hearings will be posted on the licensed premises for 10 days prior to the hearing. In addition, hearings on new applications will be published in the designated county newspaper.

The county does not have jurisdiction over liquor licenses within incorporated towns or cities. If you have a question regarding licensing within one of the cities or towns in Boulder County, please contact that municipality directly.

Past Public Hearings

Local Licensing Authority Virtual Public Hearing – May 27, 2020

Pursuant to the Liquor Laws of Colorado:
Wheelhouse LLC, DBA Niwot Wheel Works
P.O. Box 752
Niwot, CO 80544
Eric Bergeson, 100% Owner, P.O. Box 752, Niwot, CO 80544, has requested the Licensing Officials of Boulder County to Grant a Lodging and Entertainment License at 101 2nd Avenue, Suite A & C, Niwot, CO 80544.
Application filed: January 14, 2020.
Petitions or remonstrances may be e-mailed to

Special Event Liquor Permits

Nonprofit organizations may apply for a special event liquor permit for up to 15 days each year. Please submit the application at least 45 days prior to the event.

All forms and attachments must be filed with the Licensing Clerk at the Boulder County Administrative Services office in downtown Boulder. Applicants must make an appointment to drop off the application and attachments and pick up a poster by contacting the Liquor Licensing Clerk.

Applying for a New License

Applications can be made for a new license. The process for this is fairly lengthy, with the average time between application and local approval being at least two to three months. After local approval, the application is sent to the state for review and approval. Contact the Licensing Clerk to begin the process.

The Commissioners have appointed a Local Licensing Authority to review all applications for approval and preside over public hearings on licensing matters. New license applications require a public hearing. If approved at the public hearing, the application is forwarded to the state for review and approval.

Applying for a Transfer of an Existing License

Applications can be made for the transfer of an existing license. This process is fairly lengthy with the average time between application and Local Approval being at least two months. After Local Approval, the application is sent to the state for review and approval. The Applicant may apply for a Temporary Liquor License within 30 days of submitting the Transfer Application.

Renewals of Licenses

Approximately 90 days prior to expiration of licenses, the Colorado Department of Revenue will send licensees a renewal application form. The renewal application form must be filed with the Local Authority (Boulder County) at least 45 days prior to expiration. Please do not send the renewal application to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

If you did not receive a renewal application from the Colorado Department of Revenue, you may obtain a Renewal Application Form DR 8400 (or DR 8401 for fermented malt beverages) from the Colorado Department of Revenue website

Renewal fees payable to Colorado Department of Revenue are listed on the renewal application. Fees payable to Boulder County (Local Authority) are:

  • Fermented Malt Beverage – $107.50
  • Retail Liquor Store – $137.50
  • Beer & Wine License – $163.75
  • Hotel & Restaurant License – $175.00
  • Tavern License – $175.00
  • Club License – $141.25
  • Brew Pub – $175.00

Other Frequently Used Forms

Additional forms are available on the Colorado Department of Revenue website, including:

  • DR 8442 – Permit Application and Report of Changes (register new manager, modification of premises or change of location, change or trade name or corporation name, etc.)
  • DR 8177 – Report of Changes Corporation, Limited Liability, Company and Partnership (change of ownership, officers, etc.)
  • DR 8401-I – Individual History Record

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