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Marijuana Licensing

Marijuana Licensing


A local license issued by the Boulder County Marijuana Licensing Authority is required for the operation of any marijuana-related business in the unincorporated Boulder County. Boulder County does not issue licenses for the incorporated towns and cities (e.g., Boulder, Nederland) located in Boulder County. It is highly recommended to contact Boulder County Marijuana Licensing regarding your application and Boulder County Land Use regarding the proposed location prior to submitting an application.

Medical Marijuana

Boulder County is accepting license applications for medical marijuana optional-premises cultivation facilities, medical marijuana-infused product manufacturer facilities, medical marijuana centers, medical marijuana testing facilities, and medical marijuana transporters. To submit a license application, please submit the following:

Retail Marijuana

Boulder County is accepting license applications for retail marijuana stores, retail marijuana products manufacturing facilities, retail marijuana testing facilities, retail marijuana cultivation facilities, and retail marijuana transporters. To submit a license application, please submit the following:

Residential Marijuana Cultivation

Residential marijuana cultivation and processing is an accessory use to a residential use in unincorporated areas of Boulder County. Marijuana grown as part of this use is intended to be grown by and for those living on the parcel, not for sale or provision to others. View residential marijuana cultivation information here.

Boulder County Marijuana Licensing Regulations

Boulder County Marijuana Regulations: Effective March 1, 2018

Forms for Boulder County Marijuana Licensing

Additional Business Owners
BCEIOF Participation Agreement
BCEIOF Quarterly Sustainability Report
Change of Ownership
New Application Checklist
New Marijuana Business/Establishment License Application
Off-Premises Storage Permit Application
Renewal Application
Report of Changes
Fee Schedule

Applications may be hand delivered or mailed to the address provided below.

Questions or Complaints

Before giving us a call please check out our Marijuana FAQs

If you still have questions or complaints regarding a marijuana business in unincorporated Boulder County, please contact Boulder County Marijuana Licensing at 303-441-3525.

If you have questions or complaints about zoning, Land Use code compliance, unlicensed grows, or caregiver operations, please contact the Boulder County Land Use Department at 303-441-3930.

To report criminal activity please contact the Marijuana Enforcement Division Tip Line at 855-277-7500.

Contact Us

Licensing Program Manager & Marijuana Authority

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Marijuana Licensing
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