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Mobility and Access for All Ages and Abilities
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The Community Planning & Permitting Department physical office in Boulder will be closed on Thursday, June 30 for an off-site department meeting.

Mobility and Access for All Ages and Abilities

Provide Feedback on the M4AAA Draft Plan by March 25

Please take a few minutes to help out Mobility for All and Boulder County by reviewing the Mobility for All Ages and Abilities Draft Plan. Any feedback is appreciated and will lead to the creation of the best plan possible. Please leave all feedback as a comment on the document by Friday, March 25, 2022. Thank you for taking the time.

Review or Comment on the M4AAA Draft Plan

Questions about the draft? Email, or call 720-564-2218.

Boulder County Mobility & Access for All

Project Overview

Boulder County, in coordination with community partners, regional stakeholders, and members of the public, is conducting the Mobility & Access for All Ages & Abilities planning process. Mobility & Access for All Ages & Abilities is the working name of the 2021-2026 Boulder County Coordinated Human Services Transportation Services Plan. Mobility and Access for All Ages & Abilities will build upon the Boulder County Transportation Master Plan and serve as a new guide for Boulder County’s multimodal transportation policy as it pertains to people with special needs. Mobility & Access for All Ages & Abilities is a joint project between Boulder County’s Mobility for All Program and Youth Transportation Program.

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This plan, a first of its kind for Boulder County, is an assessment of mobility needs throughout the County particular to older adults, people with disabilities, low-income, and youth. This plan is required by federal transit law to identify eligible projects for the funding under the Enhanced Mobility for Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) Program.

We want this planning effort to engage community members, stakeholders, human service providers, and transportation agencies to collaboratively identify barriers and opportunities for growth in accessible transportation service options for older adults, people with disabilities, low-income, youth and other underserved and vulnerable communities.

This plan will include strategies to help with coordination between local partners, who are all trying to help identify and meet the transportation needs of our local citizens of all ages & abilities, in various ways.

Key Dates

The Mobility & Access for All Ages & Abilities planning process ran through August 2021. We are currently seeking feedback on the Draft Plan and will present the final plan to Boulder County Commissioners for adoption in June 2022.

Project schedule diagram for Mobility and Access for All

Engagement Opportunities

Project Partners

Since this project is regional in nature, Boulder County has developed an Advisory Committee to closely collaborate with the planning team throughout the planning process. The Advisory Committee consists of agency representatives from local municipalities, school districts, transportation providers, human and social services organizations. The Advisory Committee will meet regularly throughout the planning process and will be key collaborators on the plan. Project Managers are working closely with Nelson Nygaard consultants to implement this project.

Past Meeting Materials and Key Documents

Project Managers

Angel Bond, Mobility for All Program Manager,, 720-564-2218

Cammie Piller Edson, Youth Transportation Program Manager,, 303-441-3935