Floodplain Development Permits

Floodplain Development Permits

This webpage provides information on obtaining:

General Floodplain Development Permit (General FDP 2016-1)

The Boulder County Engineer has issued General Floodplain Development Permit (FDP) 2016-1 in accordance with Section 4-404.1 of the Boulder County Land Use Code.

The General FDP covers projects and uses in the FO District that have been determined by the County Engineer to meet the applicable criteria set forth in Section 4-404.1(B) of the Boulder County Land Use Code, which, among other criteria, includes those projects and uses that have been determined to have minimal or no impact on flood hazards.

The General FDP allows certain projects and uses to take place without the need for an Individual Floodplain Development Permit. Some projects permitted by the General FDP still require notification of the County Engineer as described below.


  • Notification can be submitted by:
    • Email
    • Mail
      Boulder County Transportation – Floodplain Management
      ATTN: General FDP Notifications
      P.O. Box 471
      Boulder, CO 80306
  • Notification submittals, at a minimum, must include the following information:
    • Project description, including materials to be used
    • Location description with accompanying location map
    • Site Plan
    • Photographs of the project area (optional)

Boulder County will respond in writing no later than 14 days following submittal of notification and confirm whether or not a project is covered under the General FDP, whether more information is required in order to make a determination, or whether the project is NOT covered by the General FDP and submittal of an application for an Individual FDP is required.

Individual Floodplain Development Permit

An individual floodplain development permit is required for all development in the floodplain.

Floodplain development permits:

  • Must be obtained from the Transportation Department-Floodplain Management Program, before the start of construction,
  • Require an individual floodplain development permit fee is $50; the fee is waived for projects directly related to the September 2013 flood event until further notice

Individual Floodplain Development Permit Application

Floodplain Management provides more information on floodplain regulations, drainage, flood preparations, maps and requirements. To check to see if your property is within a regulatory floodplain go to Boulder County e-mapping (searchable property information), or visit the official interactive webmap.

Floodway Review

A Boulder County Floodway Review is required for any project in a county-administered floodway that results in 100-year surface elevation increases between 0.00 and 0.5 foot (existing vs. proposed conditions). For increases in a county-administered floodway that are greater that 0.5 foot, an approved Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) is required prior to permitting. In FEMA-administered floodways, a CLOMR is required for projects that result in any increase (greater than 0.00) in 100-year water surface elevations prior to permitting.


For information on requirements for new buildings or improvements, review the Individual Floodplain Development Permit (FDP) Checklist for Buildings.

Bridge Construction

For more information about permit requirements, please visit the Bridge Construction Permit Requirements page.

Stream Restoration

Visit the Stream Restoration Permit Requirements page for more information.

Interim Floodplain Map

Interim floodplain maps based on information obtained after the September 2013 flood are now available. There are currently no floodplain development permit requirements for properties that are on the interim floodplain. However, Boulder County recommends considering the interim floodplain map when making development decisions.

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