Right-of-way is defined as an interest in property either owned in fee or as an easement transferred through grant, prescription, dedication, or the right of Eminent Domain. This interest can be public or private.

Public right-of-way is held in the public’s interest by the county. Public right-of-way is intended for the accommodation of traffic movements, utilities, drainage and other similar public uses.

An individual or entity, for example a Homeowners Association, holds private right-of-way.

Regulation of Right-of-Way

Boulder County, by state statue, regulates utility and other construction in the right-of-way to maintain access to utilities, ensure the integrity of roads, and to ensure safety and traffic flow.

Public Utilities use the right-of-way to install and maintain facilities such as water, sewer, electric, gas, telecommunications, and cable television services. This use by public utilities is regulated by Boulder County’s Utility Construction Permit process. For more information, contact Rocky Milano, email, 303-682-6737.

Right-of-Way Determination

Information concerning right-of-ways can be obtained by submitting a Right-of-Way Information Request Form.


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