RTD Rail Regional Trail FAQs

The RTD Rail Regional Trail project is a master planning process that is evaluating options for the creation of a new soft-surface regional trail connection along the RTD-owned rail corridor linking the City of Boulder and Town of Erie.

No, this is a trail master plan project lead by Boulder County, which is exploring the implementation of a regional trail from Boulder to Erie within RTD rail corridor. RTD does not currently have plans to establish rail service in that corridor; however, if circumstances change, the corridor could be used for transit purposes in the future. Any outcome of this project will not preclude RTD from establishing rail along the corridor in the future.

The purpose of this master plan is to identify the alignment of a potential future trail, along with the amount of funding needed to design and construct it. How much of that work can be funded from the current sales tax that runs through 2024 depends on the amount needed for this trail, and the funds available given the other regional trails needs in the county.

The result of the project will be a conceptual design of the preferred alignment that will reflect the outcomes of the planning process.

No, a trail is not already planned. This process is about evaluating options for the creation of a potential regional trail and understanding community members’ interests, concerns, and objectives around a trail. As a result of learning those things, a trail could be planned.

At this point, none of the potential improvements to the corridor are anticipated to impact the legal status of the railroad corridor or regulations of uses for properties adjoining the property.

The Regional Trail Program is funded by the Countywide Transportation Sales Tax Ballot passed by voters in 2007. The intent of the Regional Trails Program is to fund a network of soft surface, off-street, multi-use trails in Boulder County. Given the current scope and funding for the RTD Rail Trail project, the surface type initially being considered is a soft-surface trail composed of crusher fines.

Any trail that’s a result of the RTD Rail Regional Trail will not eliminate the possibility of implementing rail in the future.

Engaging with community members, property owners, and potential trail users is key to this project. You can get involved in several ways — get on our notification list, send a comment or question on the website, email us a question or comment, attend one of our neighborhood workshops or public meetings, or get on the Community Working Group. Whatever approach best suits you, please join us on this project: give input or get involved.

Much will depend on the outcomes of the master planning process, but it is anticipated that the next phase of the project will be the final design of the trail.

We are limited by jurisdiction for this particular planning process, so we are looking at the corridor from 61st Street on the west to County Line Road on the east.

The crossing will be a grade separated crossing. The location and type (underpass or overpass) are yet to be determined. This will be evaluated in the next phases of the study.

This project is considered “rail with trail,” meaning any outcome of this project will not preclude the ability for trains to run along the tracks of this corridor. At this time, we do not know of any plans by RTD to use the corridor for rail

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