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Parks & Open Space Staff Directory

Parks & Open Space Staff Directory

This list does not contain every employee who works in the Parks & Open Space department.
Name Job Title Email Phone
Addes, Ari Volunteer Coordinator Recreation & Facilities aaddes@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6344
Alexander, Rob Agricultural Resources Supervisor ralexander@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6239
Andrews, Sarah Ranger / Caribou Ranch sandrews@bouldercounty.org 303-258-0543
Arnold, Melissa Conservation Easements marnold@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6266
Atherton-Wood, Justin Natural Resource Planner jatherton-wood@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6273
Beam, Carol Cultural Resource Specialist cbeam@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6272
Bookless, Renee Contracts Coordinator rbookless@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6225
Brockman, Nik Web Administrator nbrockman@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6353
Brooks, Barbara Agriculture Administrative bbrooks@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6369
Towle, Will Buildings and Historic Preservation Supervisor dburd@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6191
Butler, Audrey Water Resource Specialist abutler@bouldercounty.org 303-682-6775
Carithers, Bevin Ranger Supervisor bcarithers@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6210
Cimo, Carrie Volunteer Coordinator Plant Ecology ccimo@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6329
Colbenson, Larry Hikes and Events / Volunteer Naturalists lcolbenson@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6214
Cox, Jeff Grounds Supervisor jcox@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6190
Drew, Jim Agricultural Heritage Center jdrew@bouldercounty.org 303-776-8688
Duff, Sandy Real Estate Land Officer sduff@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6264
Durant, Michelle Wildlife Biologist mdurant@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6231
Dutlinger, Meredith GIS/GPS Mapping mdutlinger@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6356
Fowler, Graham Ranger / Betasso Preserve gfowler@bouldercounty.org 303-449-5083
Fried, Pascale Education and Outreach Supervisor pfried@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6201
Frye, Renata POSAC Liaison rfrye@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6261
Gehr, Rachel Images Magazine and Brochures Editor rgehr@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6207
Glowacki, Therese Resource Management Manager tglowacki@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6206
Golden, Scott Forestry and Fire sgolden@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6209
Grady, Kevin Ranger / Heil Valley Ranch kgrady@bouldercounty.org 720-406-9178
Hardy, Al Recreation and Facilities Manager ahardy@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6189
Harp, Rebecca Fairgrounds Events Coordinator rharp@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6235
Harrington, Wayne Community Forestry Sort Yards Coordinator wharrington@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6368
Hartnett, Erin Ranger ehartnett@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6211
Hatfield, Amanda Volunteer Coordinator ahatfield@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6216
Hiebert, Jeff Ranger jhiebert@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6212
Hinkley, Erik GIS/GPS Mapping ehinkley@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6274
Hirt, David Plant Ecologist dhirt@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6218
Hoerath, Dave Wildlife Biologist dhoerath@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6204
Imbierowicz, Karen Partnership Coordinator kimbierowicz@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6268
Inoshita, Carrie Business Analyst Data Manager cinoshita@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6355
Jannatpour, Vivienne Public Information Officer vjannatpour@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6277
Kippen, Sheryl Agricultural Heritage Center / Museums skippen@bouldercounty.org 303-776-8848
Kobza, Mac Wildlife Biologist mkobza@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6203
LaFollette, Joe Fairgrounds Manager jlafollette@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6254
Lane, Eric Parks & Open Space Director elane@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6278
Langstraat, Mary Jo Real Estate Paralegal mjlangstraat@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6352
Lattes, Conrad Open Space County Attorney clattes@bouldercounty.org 303-441-1761
Marotti, Michelle Education and Outreach / Park Hosts / Visitor Studies mmarotti@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6219
Northrup, Elizabeth Real Estate / Conservation Easements enorthrup@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6253
Michal, Jim Agriculture Project Coordinator jmichal@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6243
Milne, Shane Volunteer Coordinator Forestry smilne@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6295
Moline, Jeff Resource Planning Manager jmoline@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6270
Morris, Denny Ranger / Walker Ranch dmorris@bouldercounty.org 303-823-5176
Nielsen, Tina Special Projects Manager / CIP tnielsen@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6279
Olson, Mary Landscape Architect molson@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6186
Reynolds, Sean Project Management sreynolds@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6311
Rolf, Mary Sign Specialist mrolf@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6187
Sauer, Steve Weed Control Supervisor ssauer@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6110
Shook, Barry Recreation & Facilities Project Coordinator bshook@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6183
Spaulding, Susan Senior Wildlife Biologist sspaulding@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6292
Strenge, Ernst Natural Resource Planner estrenge@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6269
Thiltgen, Cathy Arborist cthiltgen@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6196
Thiltgen, Joe Shop Foreman / Fleet Manager jthiltgen@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6296
Tyler, Andy Trails Supervisor atyler@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6193
VanDenBosch, Kristi GIS/GPS Mapping kvandenbosch@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6308
Vroman, Jason Ranger jvroman@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6350
Weber, Melissa Rental House Coordinator mweber@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6354
West, Ron Natural Resource Planner rowest@bouldercounty.org 303-441-3971
Wheeler, Brent Recreation & Facilities Project Coordinator bwheeler@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6184
Whisman, Janis Real Estate Division Manager jwhisman@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6263
White, Chris Ranger cwhite@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6213
Wolfe, Judy Youth Corps Program Manager jwolfe@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6104
Cooper, Blake Agricultural Resources Manager bcooper@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6234
Dvorshock, Judy Administrative Division Manager jdvorshock@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6224
Price, Zach Forestry Specialist zprice@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6295
Reinold, Stefan Senior Forestry Resource Specialist sreinold@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6202
Puzo, Bethani Landscape Architect bpuzo@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6188
Price, Deborah Natural History Program Specialist dprice@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6215
Larson, Laura CSU Extension Director llarson@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6380
Queen, John Ranger / Hall Ranch jqueen@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6380
Klaube, Brigitte Front Desk / Accounting bklaube@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6200
Ratzel, Marni Natural Resource Planner mratzel@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6271
Robles, Raquel Shelter & Goodhue Reservations, Permitting Coordinator rrobles@bouldercounty.org 303-678-6222
Benjamin, Sharla Project Manager sbenjamin@bouldercounty.org 720-864-6535
Broughton, Obadiah Project Coordinator/Planner obroughton@bouldercounty.org 720-964-6530

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