Board of County Commissioners
Board of County Commissioners - Deb Gardner, Elise Jones, Cindy Domenico - 2017

Board of County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners consists of three individuals elected to serve four-year terms as leaders of the Boulder County government. All three commissioners are elected at-large by the voters of Boulder County and represent the county as a whole.

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Commissioner Cindy DomenicoCommissioner Cindy Domenico
Commissioner Deb GardnerCommissioner Deb Gardner
Commissioner Elise JonesCommissioner Elise Jones


As full-time public servants, the county commissioners set policy and approve the budget for the entire county government, spearhead individual initiatives, and oversee management of ten county departments.

As the primary policy making body for the county, the Board of County Commissioners also provides leadership and works collaboratively with fellow elected officials in the Assessor’s, Clerk’s, Coroner’s, District Attorney’s, Sheriff’s, and Treasurer’s offices to ensure that Boulder County continues to provide the best in public service.

Each commissioner plays a role representing Boulder County on various regional and statewide committees and organizations. They work collaboratively with other city, county, and state governments to create long-term plans for regional development, health & human services, transportation corridors and access, and other land, environment, and community service programs.

The commissioners swear to uphold the Vision & Values of Boulder County and to act in the best interest of its residents. They decide on a variety of matters affecting the county, such as:

  • Regional development and transportation
  • Legislative affairs
  • Purchases of open space property and conservation easements
  • Rules governing development:
    • Land use in unincorporated Boulder County
    • Planning of transit and trails systems
    • Intergovernmental agreements with local cities and towns
  • Programs to serve a variety of public needs including:
    • Health
    • Social services
    • Aging services
    • Affordable housing

District Requirements

In compliance with state statute, Boulder County is divided into three “residence” districts that are nearly equal in population. Each district is represented by a commissioner who resides within said district. The commissioners are voted into office by constituents throughout the entire county and represent the voice of the whole county, though no two commissioners may reside in the same district.

Districts must be revised after each federal census to assure roughly the same population per district.

The district map was created based on public feedback and according to the following guidelines:

  • Keep communities of interest intact
  • Use clear boundary lines
  • Allow for growth
    • District 1, which includes the city of Boulder, contains the most population because it is expected to grow the least. Districts 2 and 3 are expected to grow more.

The current district map was revised and took effect in 2011. The next district map will be revised in 2020.

Note: map size is large in order to show street detail.

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