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Burrowing owl


What We Do

Wildlife biologists work towards the conservation of wildlife resources on open space in a practical and responsible manner. We also manage public lands in response to the effects of urbanization, fragmentation, and increased recreation, and address wildlife conflicts in response to agriculture needs and neighboring property owners. We also:

  • Conduct surveys to understand the wildlife resources that exist on open space lands and incorporate the information in management and project planning.
  • Work cooperatively with other programs and wildlife agencies to manage, plan and create healthy wildlife habitat.
  • Develop public educational programs about wildlife resources and help increase public participation.

Prairie Dog Management

prairie dog

Boulder County seeks to develop a prairie dog management strategy that results in prairie dogs thriving where appropriate on open space properties.

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Osprey Camera

Osprey camera

In the spring of 2012, a web cam was installed for the public to view a pair of osprey at the Fairgrounds. The camera records amazing footage of the birds mating, the eggs hatching and feeding activities.

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Critter Snap

Critter Snap Citizen Science Project

Critter Snap is a citizen science project that contains hundreds of photos from wildlife cameras. Anyone can view the photos and help categorize and identify wildlife.

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Boulder County Wildlife

Boulder County Wildlife iNaturalist Project

Boulder County Wildlife is a citizen science project found on iNaturalist. It is a joint project with the City of Boulder and The Wild Foundation. Use it to share your wildlife sightings.

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Mountain Lion Research

Mountain Lion with radio collar

Colorado Parks and Wildlife conducted a research project to better understand the interactions between humans and mountain lions. More than 15 mountain lions were captured and radio-collared on open space lands.

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Research Reports

Turtles on log

View the collection of over 110 research projects, scientific papers, biological inventories, and other research reports.

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Trail Cam Photos

View some of the best photos taken using remote cameras. Motion-activated cameras help us inventory and monitor wildlife.


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