Anne U. White Trail
Anne U White Trailhead

Anne U. White Trail

The Anne U. White Trail is closed due to trailhead construction. The trail and trailhead are scheduled to open later in 2019.

Area Remains Closed – Planned to Reopen Late 2019

Construction of the expanded 29-car trailhead began in October. The project is expected to last about two months.

The Anne U. White Trail was significantly damaged by the September 2013 flood. It is the only trail in the county’s system affected by the disaster that remains closed. Because of safety and access concerns, the property is closed until the new trailhead is constructed.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Parks & Open Space hopes to reopen the trail and new parking area later this year.

Trailhead Design

Anne U. White Trailhead Design

Proposed Street Parking

Proposed Parking & Signs Along Wagonwheel Gap Road

Management Plan Amended

On Dec. 13, 2018, the Board of County Commissioners approved an amendment to the Fourmile Canyon Creek Park Management Plan to allow for expansion of the parking area that incorporates the following considerations:

  • Parking capacity may be expanded to accommodate up to 30 vehicles (at least 15 to 20 vehicles seem feasible).
  • Flood resilience should be a significant component of the design (e.g., 100-year flood design, boulder toe wall, etc.).
  • Stream restoration is an important component of the project. Consideration should be given to supporting montane riparian ecosystem functions in the overall design.
  • A permanent restroom facility may be constructed assuming a suitable location can be permitted.
  • The Anne U. White Trail shall be designated for pedestrian use only.
  • A plan for managing parking and other safety and enforcement concerns on Wagonwheel Gap Road during periods of high visitation shall be developed in coordination with the Transportation Department, law enforcement, the local fire district, and neighboring land owners prior to reopening the trail.

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