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Floodplain Mapping and Code Amendments

Floodplain Mapping and Code Amendments

The Boulder County Land Use Code regulates development in unincorporated Boulder County, and Article 4-400 of the Code contains regulations specific to the Floodplain Overlay Zoning District. Boulder County adopted comprehensive text amendments to the floodplain regulations in 2016. In 2017, the county adopted the first of two phases of comprehensive zoning map amendments to the Floodplain Overlay Zoning District based on new floodplain mapping developed in conjunction with the State of Colorado. Currently, the county is in the process of adopting the second phase of zoning map amendments to the Floodplain Overlay Zoning District based on the new state mapping. This webpage provides details on the nature and scope of the changes.

What is happening in 2018?

Newly updated floodplain mapping studies are underway for waterways throughout Unincorporated Boulder County that were most affected by the 2013 flood. These maps help to identify risk for property owners and enable proactive measures to protect people and property. More background on the goals for this new mapping can be found on the Land Use Docket webpage.

Draft floodplain maps from Phase II of the Colorado Hazard Mapping Program (CHAMP) study went through detailed reviews and public outreach and staff are recommending that the maps be adopted as best available information in a regulatory update to the Floodplain Overlay Zoning District. These maps include revised or new regulatory flood risk zones throughout the portions of waterways in unincorporated Boulder County (see a list of impacted reaches).

Public Hearing Process and Information

Details about hearing dates and times will be available on the Floodplain Remapping Project home page and the Land Use docket webpage. Check back regularly for updates and new hearing information. We also suggest looking at the Board of County Commissioners agenda and the Planning Commission agenda to stay up-to-date on scheduled activities surrounding this project.

Comment Responses

Public meetings were held from January to April 2018 and input provided by community members during this time helped to refine the draft mapping. Comments submitted by community members have been reviewed by the CHAMP team and responses were provided for technical questions/concerns. These public comments and responses will be available on the Land Use docket webpage via the Staff Report prior to the Planning Commission public hearing on June 20, 2018. If the Planning Commission recommends that docket Z-17-0002 heads to the Board of County Commissioners for public hear, additional comments will be collected and posted in advance of the hearing.

What happened in 2017?

The Phase I draft floodplain maps were presented as zoning map amendments along with the Land Use Code text amendments at a Planning Commission hearing in April. Amendments were recommended to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) at that hearing. After being presented to the BOCC in May 2017, the proposed amendments were approved for adoption as regulatory measures and became effective June 1, 2017.

What Code amendments happened in 2016?

The Boulder Land Use Code was amended and these changes went into effect on Oct. 17, 2016. The aim was to update language to more accurately reflect the intent of the Code, make the Code easier to understand and use, enable the adoption of best available data (such as new draft floodplain maps) for regulatory purposes, and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of county residents in the event of future floods.

Previous Public Meetings

Review presentations and documents associated with the 2013 Land Use code text amendments to floodplain regulations.

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