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Mobility for All

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About Mobility for All

The goal of the Mobility for All (M4A) Program is to promote affordable multimodal (transit, bike, etc.) transportation options and to raise awareness that transportation is a basic social and economic need.


  • provides multimodal transportation assistance through a variety of programs
  • fosters collaboration between transportation and human service organizations
  • conducts public education and outreach on the importance of transportation options

Why Mobility Matters

Reducing the transportation cost burden is a critical step on the path to self-sufficiency and accessing health and human services.

Housing and Transportation combined should not exceed 45% of monthly income

Affordable living (defined as spending no more than 15% of a household’s income on transportation and no more than 30% on housing) has increasingly become a challenge for many county residents. Despite transportation being one of the largest components of a low-income family’s budget, there are very few resources to help with transportation costs.


Boulder County Mobility for All has initiated several projects that focus on improving access to affordable transportation, providing necessary amenities and empowering residents through outreach and education.

Mobility for All Earn-a-Bike Program


This project seeks to increase transportation options available to low-income residents by providing bicycles, and thus increased access to transit, in order to increase their ability to commute to employment in an affordable and sustainable manner. Learn more here.

Mobility for All eGo Carshare Program

eGO Carshare

eGO Carshare is a nonprofit organization that serves the Denver and Boulder metro area and provides members access to cars without the cost of ownership and at an affordable price. Learn more.

Mobility For All BCHA bike station

BCHA Bike Amenities

To ensure Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) residents continue to ride long-term, the Mobility for All Program is installing fix-it stations with tools for bike repairs and bike racks for secure storage at BCHA sites with the highest need.

Mobility for all education and outreach

Community Outreach & Education

An important aspect of community outreach is education and resource awareness. Mobility for All strives to empower Boulder County residents by informing them about important transportation resources, programs, and issues

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Angel L. Bond
Mobility for All Program Manager