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A newsletter of the Boulder County Public Health Communicable Disease Control Division.

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  • February 2020
    • A Message From Boulder Valley School District on Immunization
    • 2019-2020 Influenza Season Off to an Unusual Start
    • Measles Update: Home and Abroad


  • December 2019
    • Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis Rates Reach Record Highs in the U.S.
    • Concerns About “Public Charge” Changes
    • Changes to Tuberculosis Program Staffing
  • October 2019
    • Pertussis continues to occur at higher rates in Boulder County
    • Outbreaks in Long-Term Care Facilities Impact Residents and Staff
    • Outbreak of Severe Pulmonary Disease Associated with Vaping
  • August 2019
    • Celebrating 30 Years of Syringe Access in Boulder County
    • Local Medical System Using a Person-Centric Approach to Overdose
    • Local Group Adapts to Changing Landscape of Drug Use
    • Establishing an Alternate Care Site During a Global Influenza Pandemic.
  • June 2019
    • Invoking empathy to reduce vaccination exemptions
    • Tips to keep patients and health care personnel safe from measles
    • Public health agencies continue efforts to curb hepatitis A outbreak
    • The community counts on you!
  • April 2019
    • Increase in Gastrointestinal Disease, Hepatitis A, Influenza, and Rabid Pets
    • Tuberculosis Treatment and Elimination Updates
    • Remind Patients to Vaccinate Pets and Horses Against Rabies
  • February 2019
    • Multi-state Outbreak of Hepatitis A
    • Influenza (Flu) Activity Continues to Rise
    • High Risk of Measles for International Travelers
    • Instructions to Refer TB Patients to Denver Metro TB Clinic


  • December 2018
    • New HIV and STI Diagnoses Burden Minority Groups in Boulder County
    • Health Care Providers Have a Role in responding to a Disaster
    • A Student at CU-Boulder Contracts Meningococcal Disease
  • October 2018
    • New Colorado Tool to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance in Long-Term Care Facilities
    • Local Group Plans for Infectious Disease Threats
  • August 2018
    • New Bill Limits Initial Opioid Prescription to 7 Days and Requires Checking Database
    • Expanded Reporting of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) in Colorado
    • Local Partners Leading Community Response
  • June 2018
    • 2016-2017 School and Child Care Immunization Coverage in Boulder County
    • Community Immunity: Joining Efforts to Increase Immunization Rates
    • Measles Around the World: Protecting our Children During International Travel
    • Survey winner
  • April 2018
    • Increase in Gastrointestinal Disease, Influenza, Mumps, and Rabid pets in 2017
    • Remind Clients to Vaccinate Pets and Horses Against Rabies
    • Boulder County Aims for Tuberculosis Elimination
    • Epi-Connections survey
  • February 2018
    • Diabetes + TB = Double Trouble
    • Hepatitis A Outbreaks Increasing Nationwide
    • Flu is Widespread in Colorado and Boulder County
    • Connect through Health Care Coalitions


  • December 2017
    • Renewed Commitment Required to Stem the Tide of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)
    • Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea: A Public Health Threat
    • Medical and Behavioral Health Expertise Needed for Emergency Response
    • World AIDS Day is December 1
  • October 2017
    • Power to the Provider: Taking on Tobacco
    • It’s Time to Act on Secondhand Smoke and Vapor
    • Work Underway to Improve Patient Referral to Subspecialties
    • September Communicable Disease Update
  • August 2017
    • A Look at Boulder County Opioid Prescribing Practices
    • Rates of CRE Are On the Rise
  • June 2017
    • New Report Shows High Cost of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Increased Risk for Colorado Children & Communities
    • Biological & Chemical Exposure May be Terrorism
    • Health Care Providers Can Improve Breastfeeding Duration
  • April 2017
    • Increasing Reports of Enteric Disease – 2016 Communicable Disease Activity Summary
    • Boulder County Adopts Policy Statement to Support Harm Reduction Legislation and Criminal Justice Reforms to Address Drug Use
    • Mumps Outbreak in Denver Metro Area
  • February 2017
    • Attend TB Lecture and Unite to End TB
    • 54% of Homes in Boulder County Have Elevated Radon Levels
    • Epi Eye: Seasonal Influenza on the Rise


  • December 2016
    • Three Steps Clinicians Can Take to Access HIV/AIDS
    • Multidisciplinary Coalition Created to Address Local Opioid Epidemic
  • October 2016
    • Public Health Looks Out for Animal-Borne Disease
    • Small Zika Case Cluster in Florida
    • Climate Changes Projected to Impact Health
  • August 2016
    • Immunization Changes Coming to Schools
    • What You Say Makes a Difference
    • Boulder County Experiencing an Opioid Epidemic
  • June 2016
    • System Developed to Support Vulnerable Residents in Emergencies
    • Community Participates in Infectious Disease Response Planning
    • Work with Patients to Determine Zika Testing Eligibility
  • April 2016
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) on the Rise
    • Zika Virus Transmission Being Investigated
    • Zika Virus Testing and Specimen Collection Guidelines
  • February 2016
    • Another Record Year of Tularemia Cases and Above Average Enteric Infections: 2015 Communicable Disease Control Summary
    • Plans to Combat and Eliminate Tuberculosis in 2016
    • Influenza: Slowly Spreading


  • December 2015
    • Preparing for Infectious Disease Emergencies is More Important than Ever
    • Use Your Skills to Help in an Emergency
    • Update on Ebola Virus Transmission in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea
  • October 2015
    • Serogroup B Meningococcal Disease: Fast-Moving and Lethal
    • Meningococcal B Vaccination for Adolescents and Young Adults is Covered by Insurance
    • Flu Vaccination is Also Important for Health Care Personnel
  • August 2015
    • HPV Vaccination Rates Remain Low in Colorado
    • Communicable Disease Seminar & Supper on October 1, 2015
    • Large Outbreak of MERS-CoV in Korea
  • June 2015
    • Friendly, Local Communicable Disease Epidemiologists are Available to Support You
    • Nationwide Outbreak in Birds: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
  • April 2015
    • Some Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Rates on the Rise in Boulder County
    • Services & Strategies Available to Improve Sexually Transmitted Disease Outcomes
    • Think Measles when Evaluating Rash
  • February 2015
    • Record Number of Tularemia Cases and Influenza Hospitalizations
    • Public Heath is Partnering for Ebola Preparedness Planning

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