Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Trail Condition Tweets for All Trails

Rangers will usually report when trail conditions are less than favorable.

Use Twitter to Report Trail Conditions

Use Twitter to let us know about current trail conditions. Make sure you include these items in your tweet:

  • Hashtag #boco_trails
  • Name of the trail
  • Briefly describe the trail conditions
  • We will retweet appropriate tweets.

Email Trail Conditions

If you are not a Twitter user you can still email us your trail condition report.

Muddy Trails

Shortcutting around muddy trails greatly increases erosion and destroys vegetation. If a trail is reported to be in poor condition, consider using another trail.

Tips for Muddy Trails

  • Use trails early in the morning before it gets too muddy
  • Go through mud, not around it – trails take years to heal, so get muddy
  • Use a different trail if it is too muddy

Muddy Trails

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