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In response to the severe hailstorms that hit Boulder County in 2018, the Boulder County Land Use Department has instituted a temporary change in services available on Tuesdays.
In order to maintain functioning permit activities, the Building Safety & Inspection Services division is CLOSED to the public on Tuesdays until further notice. Other Land use planning services are still open and available on Tuesdays. All automated and online systems will remain fully functioning, and field inspections will not be affected.

We understand that this may present a temporary hardship for our customers, and we thank you for your patience as we work through this localized hail emergency. Please call 303-441-3930 for more information on services available on Tuesdays.

Due to the number of residential re-roofing applications that we continue to receive on a daily basis, and with the amount waiting in the queue to be processed, we have determined that it is most efficient for us to discontinue processing any residential re-roof permits over the counter until we have recovered from the localized hail disaster. Until we return to normal business hours and practices, coming in to the office to apply for reroof permits will no longer allow you to walk out of the office with the permit. We will accept your application(s) from you, but it will be added to the existing queue and processed in the order it was received.
We appreciate your understanding and patience of this as it will help us to keep our EZBP processing time as short as possible.

Building Safety and Inspection Services Office Hours

The Building Safety and Inspection Services office is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Building permits can be applied for and issued until 4 p.m.

The Building Safety and Inspection Services office is TEMPORARILY CLOSED ON TUESDAYS in response to the severe hailstorms that hit Boulder County in 2018. Building permit submittal or pickup, building plan review and building staff counter services are not available on Tuesdays. All automated and online systems will remain fully functioning, and field inspections will not be affected. Staff will respond to voicemails and emails as soon as possible during these closure times, but longer response times should be anticipated.

Flood Recovery and Permitting

Visit for information on flood recovery and rebuilding. Review Rebuilding for information on flood recovery and repair to residential structures. For bridge and culvert permits, view Private Roads, Culverts & Bridges.

Building Code Adoption & Amendments

Boulder County has updated and amended the building code adoptions to the latest 2015 editions of the International Codes. The Boulder County Building Code Amendments, which went into effect on January 1, 2016, apply to construction on properties located in the unincorporated portions of Boulder County (outside of the cities and towns), although plan reviews and inspections are currently performed in the Town of Jamestown.

Building Permit Fees

View Boulder County Building Permit Fees, updated January 1, 2020.

Building Permit Required

The Land Use Department issues building permits for unincorporated areas of Boulder County. If you have a question regarding building permits within a town or city in Boulder County, please contact the municipality directly. View Municipality Contacts Within Boulder County.

A building permit is required for any construction that physically changes or adds structures to your property, or for work regulated by County Codes such as:

  • New Building: Examples include but are not limited to: dwellings, garages, detached storage sheds (if over 120 square feet contact one of our Planners), carports, pole barns, commercial buildings, manufactured housing, or mobile homes.
  • Additions: Examples include but are not limited to: buildings, swimming pools, decks, retaining walls over 48 inches, and fences over six feet high.
  • Alterations: Beyond cosmetic, examples include but are not limited to: converting a garage to a family room, re-roofing, dry-walling, insulating, finishing a basement, window replacement, and re-siding.
  • Repairs: Any repair involving structural members.
  • Installations: Examples include but are not limited to: wood burning stoves, hot tubs, and solar collectors. Please see Building Permits for Residential Construction for more information. EZ BP’s (easy building permits) are residential building permits that can be applied for that do not require plans for submittal. See Temporary Emergency Permit for information on emergency repairs and stabilization work.

To verify what type of building permit you need, contact the Building Safety & Inspection Services Team at 303-441-3926. Building code questions can be submitted via the Ask a Building Official form, or by calling 720-564-2640.

Ask A Planner

We recommend you Ask a Planner to determine if a separate planning process may be required prior to submitting a Building Permit Application.

See Land Use Planning Review Processes to learn more about Planning review processes.

Submit a Building Permit

To submit a building permit request to Boulder County, you must submit following:

  • Two paper copies of the site plan and two complete sets of building plans, and one digital version of the PDF files submitted on a thumb drive. (A site plan is not required if the work is limited to interior remodeling). Please submit one digital file per requested building permit. For example, a new house with a detached garage would be submitted on two separate files, with each permit application (one new house, one detached garage) containing its own set of plans in a PDF file. Separate PDF files are requested for the construction plans, HERS rating, soils report, and water and sewer documentation.
  • A completed Building Permit Application Form.

What does a Complete Set of Building Plans Include?

The required information will vary depending on the type and scope of your project, however, in general they include:

  • Your planned project must be prepared in a graphic form, minimum ¼” scale.
  • Construction drawings or plans must show all proposed work and details of compliance to the adopted Boulder County Building Code Amendments and the Boulder County Land Use Code.
  • Two complete sets of drawings and one digital version of the electronic PDF files must be submitted to the Building Division for review.
  • The plans and specifications must be of sufficient clarity to indicate the nature and extent of the proposed work.
  • Incomplete plans will be returned to the applicant without review.

Additional Documentation Required for New Homes

  • Soils Report: Soils reports are required for new home construction in the plains (defined as east of U.S. Hwy. 36)
  • Warranty Deed: A copy of your warranty deed which has been recorded with the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office for new residences and/or recently acquired property.
  • Evidence of Water: Evidence of water supply as a water tap or letter of commitment from a water department; or, a copy of your approved well permit from the State of Colorado Engineer’s Office in Denver. The State Engineer’s Office can be reached at 303-866-3587.
  • Evidence of Sanitation: Evidence of sanitation such as a sewer tap or letter of commitment from the sanitation agency; or, a copy of your septic approval form from the Boulder County Health Department. Whenever an addition increases the total number of bedrooms or involves sanitation facilities, Health Department Approval will be required.
  • Access: If your property does not front on a County Road shown on the official Boulder County Road Map, it may be necessary to submit additional information such as recorded access easements or other proof of legal access. So that the inspectors will be able to find your property more easily, a location map should also be submitted unless you are in an easy-to-find location.

Please Note:

  • A majority of the plains portion of the county consists of expansive soils and high groundwater. For this reason, a soils report is required for new buildings in areas other than mountainous areas.
  • For residential projects creating new, additions to or remodel of conditioned floor area, a complete submittal must include all design detail for compliance with Boulder County BuildSmart Regulations (IRC Chapter 11: Energy Efficiency).
  • For projects located in Wildfire Zone 1 (view Wildfire Zone Map) exterior building materials are regulated. The proposed exterior materials should be clearly labeled on the plans. These materials must meet the wildfire site classification requirements.

Submittal Checklists

The following submittal checklists and forms are prepared to help with specific project types.

For a complete list of submittal checklists, forms and publications, view Building Publications or Planning Publications.

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