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Transportation Resources (M4A)

One mode of transportation does not meet all needs. By integrating various modes, transportation becomes flexible and provides diverse options for diverse needs.

Why it Matters

Choosing affordable transportation options can save you between $4,300 and $8,300 per year!

Affordable Transportation Options

Affordable Living

Affordable living (defined as spending no more than 15% of a households’ income on transportation and no more than 30% on housing) has increasingly become a challenge for many county residents. With every $1 saved on housing by moving further away, you end up spending $.77 of that dollar on transportation.

Ask Your Employer

Reliable and affordable transportation is essential for stable employment. Here are a few tips that may help you secure affordable transportation to and from your workplace:

  • Ask them about the RTD Eco-Pass program or if they offer RTD passes
  • See if there is a van- or carpool option
  • If work is 1 or 2 miles from a bus route, you might be able to combine busing and biking

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