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Fees and Sales Taxes

Fees and Sales Taxes

Registration Fees

The cost of a license plate is based on:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Weight of the vehicle
  • License plate type

Colorado FASTER Fees

  • State law began increasing Colorado’s motor vehicle registration fees over a three-year period beginning July, 2009
  • Increased fees are based on a vehicle’s weight and are in addition to all other registration fees

Fees increase by the following amounts depending on a vehicle’s weight:

2,000 pounds or less (i.e. motorcycles, small trailers):

  • $29.00: July 2011 and each year thereafter

2,001-5,000 pounds (i.e. most cars, SUVs, light trucks):

  • $41.00: July 2011 and each year thereafter

5,001-10,000 pounds, (i.e. most large trucks and large SUVs):

  • $51.00: July 2011 and each year thereafter

10,001-16,000 pounds (i.e. most passenger buses):

  • $66.00: July 2011 and Each Year thereafter

More than 16,000 pounds, (i.e. most commercial trucks):

  • $71.00: July 2011 and each year thereafter

All funds generated from the fees will be used to maintain Colorado roads and bridges.

NOTE: Collector vehicles are charged one year of FASTER fees for a 5-year registration. The Colorado FASTER Fee is not collected on rental or horseless carriage vehicles.

Specific Ownership Tax

Specific Ownership Tax is in lieu of a personal property tax. The formulas used are set by the Department of Revenue and based on the following:

  • Year
  • Original taxable value
  • Purchase date of the vehicle or registration expiration date

NOTE: Vehicles do not need to be operated in order to be assessed this tax

Estimated Fees

Registration fees cannot be estimated over the phone or by email. Estimates may be obtained online from the MyDMV website on the estimate registration fees page.

Sales / Use Tax

State, county, city and regional transportation district sales / use taxes are based on the following:

  • Purchase price of the vehicle
  • Residence address of the owner

Dealers may collect all or only some of the sales taxes, depending on where the vehicle is purchased. Boulder County Motor Vehicle Division collects any unpaid taxes on vehicles purchased from a dealer.

Boulder County Motor Vehicle Division also collects all sales taxes due on private party purchases. These taxes are paid at the time a temporary permit is issued or as part of the titling / registration process.

Tax rates are as follows:

  • State – 2.9%
  • Regional transportation district – 1.1%
  • Boulder County – 0.985%
  • City tax rates – 1.0%-4.00%

Other Fees

  • $7.20 – Title print only
  • $8.20 – Duplicate title
  • $4.00 – Duplicate registration
  • $3.50 – Homemade trailer ID
  • $7.08 – Permit
  • $4.17 – Year Tab Replacement
  • $4.28 – Year and Month Tab Replacement

If a lien is filed on the title, filing fees for the security agreement document will depend on the size and number of pages.

Late Fees

Colorado law requires residents to pay late fees. Late fees may not exceed $100. Temporary permits are not subject to a one-month grace period (C.R.S. 42-3-112, 42-3-114).

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